Poster presentation guidelines

Research-in-Progress papers are presented as posters at ECIS2013 and authors of each research-in-progress paper will be given the opportunity to present their work. There are two parts to participating in the ECIS Research-in-Progress poster track, which will take place on Friday, June 7 (see Program).

(1) the "Poster SLAM" Summary Presentations

(2) the Poster Presentation.

There are two parallel “Poster SLAM”  Summary Presentation sessions.  Each parallel session will consist of Summary Presentations, where each presenter will get exactly two minutes (!) to present his/her paper to the conference participants.

This will be commenced directly by the Poster Presentations, with each paper mounted to a poster board (i.e. poster market). During this part, one or more co-authors of each poster will present and discuss their poster to the conference participants, and have the opportunity to interact with these participants.

Detailed guidelines are provided below.

Poster SLAM Summary Presentation guidelines

Each presenter will get 2 minutes and up to 3 slides MAXIMUM (including title slide). Within these 2 minutes 15 seconds are needed for changeover, and thus presenters are held to deliver their presentation in 1 minutes and 45 seconds. Given the tight timing constraints, presenters will be cut off if they exceed their allotted time.

To ensure compatibility of the slides (which will be combined into a single file), Poster SLAM Summary Presentations should be created using the presentation slides template.

Your final file should be named ECIS2013_session_presnum_slides.pptx, where “session” is the poster session (A or B) to which you have been assigned and "presnum" is your presentation number, i.e. the order in which your presentation will be. For instance, the file for the third presentation in poster session A should be named ECIS2013_A_03_slides.pptx. You can find your session and the presentation number here (Poster Session A and B tab in the spreadsheet).  

Your file should be emailed to the two poster session chairs (Ronald Batenburg and Eric van Heck) at with the subject in the following format(!):

Poster Session <Letter> - Presentation <Number>

In your Powerpoint slides, please avoid mathematical symbols in non-standard fonts, and use images for formulas, graphs and tables to the extent possible. They should also keep the font size readable, and avoid using transitions in their slides. Presentation slides should be received no later than midnight of Sunday, May 26 (CET). Note that we will not accept updated versions of a file once you have submitted.

Poster Presentations guidelines

Research-in-Progress Poster Presentations will directly commence the Poster SLAM Summary Presentations and continue during lunch. We have reserved one 2000mm (h) x 900mm (w) poster board for each research-in-progress paper. The boards will be made available to the poster presenters on the morning of Friday the 7th and they will be removed at 17 o’clock on the same day. You are requested to mount your poster to the board before the start of the Poster SLAM Summary Presentations. This will allow a smooth transition from the Summary Presentations to the Poster Presentations. Location of the Summary Presentations and Poster Presentations will be announced in the program and signposted at the conference venue.

The authors are responsible for producing the posters themselves and they should be present during the Poster Presentations. If one author represents the entire team, that person should be capable of answering any questions concerning the poster.

Please note that a poster is NOT just a copy of your paper. You should design an attractive poster that presents the highlights of your research. Hence you should keep the amount of text limited and use a large font size for readability. More general advice from other sources on how to present your poster can be found here:

If you experience conflicting instructions, please use the ECIS2013 guidelines.Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if you have any questions!

Thank you and looking forward to a great ECIS Poster SLAM and Poster Presentations.

Ronald Batenburg and Eric van Heck
ECIS 2013 Poster Slam Chairs