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Besides the organization committee there is a list of other people (and that list is still growing) that support the conference in any way possible. Below is a list of the volunteers (in alphabetical order) that have been involved and in this way we give credits to their invaluable support.
  • Henry Aborele, Manchester Metropolitan University (PhD volunteer)
  • Thijs Baars, Utrecht University (paper management and program book)
  • Ana Cardoso, University of Minho (PhD volunteer)
  • Esther van der Drift, Utrecht University (design)
  • Mattijs Hooghwinkel, University of Groningen (logo design)
  • Erwin Kaats, Utrecht University (session volunteer)
  • Jaap Kabbedijk, Utrecht University (local coordinator Doctoral Consortium)
  • Ravi Khadka, Utrecht University (photography)
  • Geraldine Leebeek, Utrecht University (local support and ancillary meetings)
  • Garm Lucassen, Utrecht University (session volunteer)
  • Alberto Meléndez, Utrecht University (photography)
  • Wienand Omta, Utrecht University (PhD volunteer)
  • Joost Oremus, Utrecht University (session volunteer)
  • Stella Pachidi, Free University Amsterdam (PhD volunteer)
  • Dominik Renzel, RWTH Aachen University (PhD volunteer)
  • Olivier Richters, Utrecht University (promotional film)
  • Remco Snijders, Utrecht University (session volunteer)
  • Sandor Spruit, Utrecht University (website design)
  • Kevin Vlaanderen, Utrecht University (paper management)
  • Karl Werder, Utrecht University (Poster SLAM coordinator)
  • Zeynep Yetis, Stockholm School of Economics (PhD volunteer)
  • Fahd Omair Zaffar, Gothenburg University (PhD volunteer)
  • Tommy van de Zande, Utrecht University (content on website)

And it is unavoidable that we forget some volunteers but we like to thank everyone that contributed for their invaluable support and to make ECIS2013 possible In Utrecht!