Schedule and Location

  • All talks will be held in room Room W201 of Emory's Mathematics and Science Center.
  • There will be a reception and dinner at the Houston Mill House on Wednesday at 6:30-9:00pm  compare this Page.
  • There are many lunch options in Emory Village (5 minute walk), Emory Point (20 minute walk, near Emory Conference Hotel) or Downtown Decatur (15 min drive).

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 9:00-9:30 Coffee   Coffee  Coffee  Coffee  Coffee
 9:30-10:30  Alexander Merkurjev
Degree 3 unramified cohomology of  semisimple groups
 Marc Levine
Enumerative geometry with  quadratic forms
 Bianca Viray
On the dependence of the Brauer-  Manin obstruction on the degree of a  variety
 David Saltman
Genus one curves in Severi-Brauer Varieties
 Alena Pirutka
Irrationality problems
10:30-11:00   Coffee  Coffee  Coffee  Coffee  Coffee
11:00-12:00  Philippe Gille
Isotopes of Octonion Algebras and  Triality
 Jean-Pierre Tignol
Skew-hermitian forms and  function fields of conics
 Rachel Newton
The Hasse norm principle for  abelian  extensions
 Max Lieblich 
Period-Index bounds for Brauer groups of surfaces over local fields
 Fedor Bogomolov
Rational version of  minimalistic section  conjecture for functional fields
 12:00-2:00  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  
 2:00-3:00  Nikita Karpenko
Chern subring of  Severi-Brauer  varieties
 Olivier Wittenberg
Zero-cycles on  homogeneous spaces of linear groups
 Fei XU
Recent progress on strong  approximation with Brauer-Manin  obstruction
 Tamás Szamuely
Obstructions to the Hasse  principle for torsors over  function fields of curves over local fields
 3:05-3:30  Igor Rapinchuk
Some finiteness properties of algebraic groups over finitely generated fields
 Yong Hu
 The Pythagoras number of Laurent series fields in several variables (slides)
 Nivedita Bhaskhar
Brauer p-dimension of complete discretely valued fields
 Bastian Haase
 Gerbe patching and a Mayer-Vietories sequence over arithmetic curves
 3:30-4:00  Coffee  Coffee  Coffee  Coffee  
 4:00-5:00  Vladimir Chernousov
On conjugacy of  Cartan subalgebras in  non-fgc Lie tori
 Eva Bayer-Fluckiger
Cohomological invariants of  G-Galois algebras  and self-  dual normal bases
 Alexei Skorobogatov
 Finiteness theorems for abelian  varieties and K3 surfaces of CM type  with application to the uniformity of  the  Brauer group
 Jakob Stix
Simply transitive  quaternionic lattices and  a non-classical fake  quadric
 5:05-5:30  Yang Cao
 Universal torsor of a rational surface and its unramified cohomology
Problem session
 Yongqi Liang
 Arithmetic purity for strong approximation
 Preeti Raman
 Hasse principle for Sl_1(D) over Q_p(X)

  Problem session  

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