ECHO is a great organization that is not only helping me get a better education, but is also opening new doors to me. Before I joined this organization I felt unchallenged with my education, but all of that changed when one day Emma Roos, the director of ECHO, called me to tell me that I was able to receive a scholarship to get into one of the top private schools of Oakland. I was so happy because for once I was going to be challenged at school. I am really grateful to ECHO for giving me this chance for a better education and a better future where I will be able to help my community.

Edgar Castellanos
10th grade – College Prep


I went through middle school in the Oakland Public Schools. Even though I thought then that I was headed in the right direction and that I was getting a good education, I know now that I was probably not going to end up in the places I wanted to be. The opportunity that ECHO has given me to change my path and get an excellent education is something that I will never forget. Thanks to ECHO I am able to attend College Prep and I am now a junior, enjoying all of the opportunities that the school has to offer. I know that I am now going in the right direction in life and a lot of that I owe to ECHO.

Luis Felipe Camacho
11th grade – College Prep


My name is Jessamyn. I went to Acorn Woodland Elementary School. One day in 4th grade my mom was talking with my teacher about what middle school I was going to go, my mom didn’t know yet. Then the teacher talked to my mom about the group ECHO. From then on I started to come to the meetings and evens that ECHO held. I applied to s few private schools and one accepted me, St Paul’s. ECHO is an organization that I am thankful for helping me. St Paul’s is a very good school with a public purpose and I know that I will be a better community member when I graduate.

Jessamyn Ochoa
7th grade – St. Paul’s


My name is Marisol. I go to St. Paul’s Episcopal School thanks to ECHO. Being at St. Paul’s has allowed me to help my community by helping clean out certain areas. In order to clean, we have to be strong enough to clean through rain or shine. Coming into a new school was very frightening. After a week or so I was able to make friends though, including Jessamyn, who is also a member of ECHO. Overall, I really thank ECHO for giving me an opportunity that not all Latinos get.

Marisol De Anda
7th grade – St. Paul’s


I feel like going to CPS has helped me expand my horizons. It has made me more aware of international issues. I would have never given a second thought if I were in an Oakland public school. It has also allowed me to see how much help my community needs. I consider this to be a wonderful opportunity that will change my future, and I recognize that it would not have happened if ECHO had not helped me.

Priscilla Alvarado
11th grade-College Prep


My name is Alex, and ECHO changed the path I was heading towards when it gave me the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to a private school in Oakland. After all the hard work I did I got accepted into Head Royce. Thanks to ECHO I’m being challenged to do better and participate more in my community.

Alex Lara
7th grade – Head-Royce


ECHO hasn’t only helped me receive an education that I know I will use for years to come, it has also been a great support system for me and my family. It was near the end of 8th grade when I first heard about ECHO and ever since then the organization and all the great people in it have been incredibly supportive with my education. Ever since I was a young girl I was told about the importance of a good education. For this reason I worked very hard and studied with the goal of getting into college and then pursuing a great career. ECHO has helped me by aiding me with going to a school that I never thought I would be able to attend and where I got an amazing education that is leading me on to great things. However, learning in the classroom isn’t the only thing I received while attending CPS. I have also been able to try new things, and pursue anything that caught my interest. ECHO and CPS have been great privileges that I will forever be grateful for.

Enjie Romero Garcia
ECHO graduate Class of 2008 – Attending Welsley


Thanks to ECHO I received a full scholarship to attend the College Preparatory School. Without the help of this organization I would have never applied to a private school because my family simply doesn’t have the money for it. Being in a private school has given me the privilege to obtain a good education and has also given me the opportunity to do things that I would’ve never done if I didn’t go there. I’ve been able to do community service for my community and visit places that I would have never dreamt of visiting. I have also met great teachers and friends along the way. For this and much more I am thankful to ECHO

Shantal Aguirre
11th grade – College Prep


I began my education in public schools that were insufficiently challenging. I excelled in my classes with minimal effort. ECHO recognized my potential to succeed in a private, more rigorous school and provided the opportunity to fulfill that potential. ECHO has also introduced me to exemplary citizens/politicians, given me a necessary sense of moral obligation to my community, and allowed me to build my life in a positive, education lead direction. The support that I received from ECHO has given me the means to soon become a public elite in my community.

Alex Perez
ECHO graduate Class of 2008 – attending University of Santa Clara


Due to my academic performance, the organization ECHO selected me to receive a scholarship to attend a private school in Oakland. Being in a private school, I have had the opportunity to better prepare myself for higher education since I face academic challenges never seen before. Thanks to ECHO and its dedicated leaders, I am receiving a great education while enjoying outstanding electives such as sports of choice, music, drama, and many others. Thank you ECHO.

Gabriella Perez
8th grade – Head-Royce


When I was in 8th grade I got called into my counselor’s office where I was told that because of my high GPA I was selected to compete for a scholarship to one of the best private schools in Oakland through an organization called ECHO. I was ecstatic when I heard this, and even more when I became the only recipient that year. The opportunity that ECHO gave me to obtain an education like the one I received in that high school is priceless. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to graduate from high school as prepared as I was for college from any other school. ECHO didn’t only give me the opportunity to receive a top notch education; it also allowed me to experiences things that I would’ve never thought were possible. ECHO has done, and continues to do so much for me, it has given me the desire to work for the betterment of my community and it has allowed me to see the endless possibilities that are available to everyone, no matter where we come from. For this and much more I am eternally grateful to this organization.

Cynthia Diaz 
ECHO graduate Class of 2006 – attending Santa Cruz University