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ECHO (The Educational Coalition for Hispanics in Oakland) is a federally recognized non-profit organization (501c), which was founded in 1986 by parents, teachers, and students of Oakland. We are an educational advocacy organization united in our desire to promote and achieve quality education for all students, with special emphasis on the unique needs of Mexican-American and Latino children and their families. E.C.H.O. has accumulate an impressive history of support to the Latino community on educational issues, including the following:

  • ECHO has been the leading advocacy organization at district and school site level; E.C.H.O. Members have accomplished important changes within the Oakland Unified School District (O.U.S.D.) that favor and protect the Latino students; have lead the way to the foundation of alternative schools, summer programs, and was the leading organization in the creation of the Latino Education Task Force  (L.E.T.).
  • ECHO  Advocates to.1, improve achievement opportunities for students, and parent involvemen.2, for a Quality Curriculum of Instruction for students.3, Support students to finish high school and attend college.
  • ECHO  Supports Bilingual/Bicultural Education and continues searching for betters ways of assisting English Language Learners.
  • ECHO Sponsors community forums and workshops to inform and educate Latino parents and students about their rights and opportunities in education, and organizes cultural and artistic events.
  • ECHO Distributes information about scholarships, prepare students and assist them with the application process, and obtain scholarships, for high achieving students, from schools such as College Preparatory School, Athenian School, and others.
  •  ECHO ParticipatesSONY firs with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County in developing and implementing educational events in the community.
  • ECHO  Took the lead in bringing together the support of 30-community organization to create the Latino Education Task Force (L.E.T.), which has been officially recognized by the governing board of the O.U.S.D. to make recommendations for improving student achievement. Through LET we have sponsored summer programs for students and families in different parts of the city; we worked with different ethnic groups such as, Oakland Parents Together (O.P.T.). Present Honor Role Certificates to high achieving Latino Students; has sponsored celebrations and commemorations of    important historical events and dates in the Latino community such as: Cesar Chavez, Dia de la Raza….


Our participation and presence has resulted in improved 
academic achievement for Latino students