echomikeromeo; or, A Nerd's Tale

Concerning quizbowl, books, music and absolute ridiculousness. 

Hello, dear reader. You appear to have stumbled — through no fault of your own, I am sure — upon this webpage. I'd never have created one if it hadn't been for this Google service. But I have a pressing need to try out anything new that Google creates, and since it's stored on the Google servers I shan't have to upload it myself. You must understand that I'm decent at HTML and it's not beyond my remit to make a webpage, but going through the bother of uploading it to the server space that my service provider graciously ... well ... provides is probably a bit much for anyone to be bothered with. And myself in particular. Dear reader, I am incredibly lazy.

So, let us begin. Allow me to introduce myself. I am female, sixteen years old and reside in southern California, United States. I attend a fairly typical American high school. I'm a bit of a nerd, really — not the Dungeons and Dragons type, but the sort who lives for Academic League quizbowl, which is of course the greatest thing on earth, though dirty jokes are also a high point.

I have awesome friends and something that you could term a social life, but because I'm lame I usually wind up in front of the computer instead of doing anything exciting. I love learning things, knowing things and telling other people things. I delight in intellectual curiosity and in using words to express ideas and inquiries. And, well, that's it really.

Elsewhere Online; or, Where the Hell You'll Find Me If You Look


h2g2 is, of course, my main passion in life. "h2g2?" I hear you cry. "It must be cool, or at least think itself so, because the letters are lowercase, against all rules of grammar." Exactly so, dear reader. As this website, if I may be so presumptuous as to call it thus, should aim to be a unifying island for my various online involvements, and h2g2 is certainly the most involved of them. I spend a few hours a day there, at least.

So what the hell is it? It is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Earth Edition. You ever heard of that wholly remarkable book as described in Douglas Adams' radio series, books, tv series, stage show, towel and movie? Well, it's also a website. And you can write entries for the Guide, too. I certainly have. There are three major creative facets of h2g2: there's the Edited Guide, where factual entries on people, places and things, living or dead, ridiculous or mundane, wind up. I myself have written entries on creating an illuminated manuscript, quizbowl (of course), sea shanties and American school dances, among other things. I also help pick suitable entries for the Edited Guide and edit entries that are selected. Then there's the UnderGuide, for fiction, poetry or personal reflections that wouldn't be appropriate for the Edited Guide. I do a bit of editing for that as well. And then there's The Post, my very own pride and joy. You see, I'm the Editor of The Post. I talk to authors, edit articles, do the markup for the front page and write the editorial. I'm so, so proud of this. I may not be the editor of the school paper like all those other folks I'll be going to college with, but I at least have my own little publication.


I've got a blog over on WordPress, which is full of the many strange and interesting things I do with my life, in addition to a bit of my more creative writing. I encourage you to pop over and leave a comment or four.

Other Places Where I Waste Time

  • LibraryThing, the book-cataloguing site
  • Kingdom of Loathing, the clever parody of standard fantasy RPGs
  • And, of course, the host of blogs and webcomics I read every day.

The Essay Corner

The real purpose of this site is to be a vehicle for displaying some of the coolest things I've written. I'm best at the essay medium, so when I win contests or get As in school or just write a good piece, I'll post it to the Essay Corner.


If you'd like to comment on my page (if you even ever come across it) I'd like to hear from you. My public email is designed to bear the brunt of the spam which I am sure I will receive. Questions, comments and spelling or grammar corrections are all gratefully received.