Web 2.0

   These three websites each have totally different functions but they all suit students' needs in a wide variety of ways. The first one, Jux, is a cool tool to present a person by using articles, photos, quotes, or videos. The second one, Kidtopia, serves as a search engine just for primary school students. All the sites are examined by librarians and teachers, so it is safe and appropriate for elementary school students to do research with. The last one, Visuword, is a very dynamic dictionary, with which you can elaborate your vocabulary instantly. 

Application Name : Jux       

URL: http://jux.com

Recommended Level: g7-g12

    Subject or curriculum area: language art, social studies

    An image or video to add a visual element to your review: https://echohuangkcbs.jux.com/  Check this out.

    Written review: By using jux, you can try seven different ways to present what you want to let students understand a place or a story outline or a series of steps about         writing. These gadgets’ names are as follows:Block Quote, Article, Photo, Video, SlideShow, CountDown, StreetView. You can edit your text beside, under or in the center of the photo or the slide you would like to present. CountDown is designed particularly for step by step instructions, such as making a sandwich or learn how to fix a bike. StreetView uses GoogleMap to bring you to somewhere exotic and beyond your imagination. It enables you to get anywhere just within a few seconds!

     Pros (like): The content is so rich and it offers you various ways to present your self. Finding your location and picking up your favoriate angle to present a place are really      cool to me in this process of trial.

     Cons (dislike) : I can’t upload my video easily. It is much easier if you have a URL and you can just upload it.

     Your recommendations:

Jux posts come in so many genres, sizes, colors and moods. You just need to follow the instructions and you won’t lose yourself at all! Anyone can do it. The results are dramatically amazing! Play with it and have fun with it! You can use it for presenting yourself as a blog or present a historical event or a story. It is really incredible!

Application Name: Kidtopia

URL: http://www.kidtopia.info/    Recommended Level: elementary students

Subject or curriculum area : an search engine for kids.

An image or video to add a visual element to your review (Can be a sample of your "test" or "practice")

http://www.speakaboos.com/story/frankenstein   online quizzes

Written review:

This search engine has primary school’s resources including science, math, language arts, Arts, people, animals, Games, and countries.

Pros (like): It is a Google custom search engine of selected site, so you get much less commercial ‘junk’ in your search results while enjoying browsing the Net . It is really resourceful and there are many other reference websites for students, teachers, and parents to use as well. One more thing to add, the sites are selected by librarians and teachers, so they are safe and useful for children.

Cons (dislike): It is designed for primary school students. If junior high or senior high school students want to explore more, they might consider the format a bit childish or they may not be able to find the information they want. Take Frankstein for example. I tried to find it in storeis section but when I went into the websites it provided there, there was no information about Frankstein. Most of the stories are for young children, not for high school students.

Your recommendations:

    There are so many subjects I can choose from and as an English teacher, I chose Language Arts and I can find Authors, Illustrations, Storis, Writing, Vocabulary, you name it! I choose Stories and was given sites like Children Storybooks Onilne, Enchanted Learning Stories, Light Up Your Brain, etc. There are resources for teachers as lesson plans or activities as well as videos for children to watch. I would definitely recommend this site to the primary school teachers.

Application Name: Visuwords   

URL: http://www.visuwords.com/

Recommended Level: all levels, but preferrably for high school students.

Subject or curriculum area: school subjects

An image or video to add a visual element to your review :

Written review:

All you need to do is key any word you would like to explore and you can see associated links on the screen as it is shown above. Different colors means different or similar word families and the usages. Do not worry about those bubbles and arrows because you can see the side bar on the left hand showing you what those nods or arrows mean. There are sentences or phrases provided in some words. It actually broadens a leaner’s horizon once he or she wants to increase his or her vocabulary. This is a really cool tool for anyone who wants to be a word master!

Pros (like): It is awesome that you can move the bubbles on the screen showing the words with its definitions and phrases. Sometimes you can have sentences with the associated words. There is another function that I find EXTREMELY COOL --- double-clck a node and the node expands again! It is a non-stop learning process and it is perfect for students, teachers, writers, journalists, and artists! It is a word net that helps you not only learn one word but also get to know many other related or opposite words in a second!

Cons (dislike): It can not provide enough sentences for each word.

Your recommendations:

I really recommend this site to all the students or second language leaners because it has definitions, its thesaurus, and associated words. Students can drag it or move just for fun. If it is operated in a classroom with a smartboard, I bet it is going to be very interesting and exciting every time when the teacher double-clicks a node and see what happens.