This is the personal website of Dr. Eric Joseph Chan Ph.D (Chem)
This site acts as a repository for software codes or scripts related to some previous research efforts in crystallography. Below images are taken from the postdoc at ANU (2007-2009). for more information pls. see the related papers.   


(left) Diffuse Scattering diffraction space section from single crystal of Benzocaine collected using synchrotron X-rays. The features correspond to disorder in the crystal that is associated with a solid-solid phase transitional phenomena and can be described using computer simulations that represent the disordered crystal.        



(left) Three polymorphic phases of benzocaine. the molecules in the lattice are related on average by different symmetry operations. 


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(left) Results for different multi-state Ising models used to describe the phase transitional behavior of benzocaine. Each model can be used to calculate a diffraction pattern that can be compared to observed features. Models are shown with corresponding diffraction features on the right.  


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