Module 1 : Introduction to
Empathy Circle Facilitation Training
Building Cultures of Empathy Together

Welcome to this introductory training on how to facilitate an Empathy Circle. This website and curriculum will guide you through the process of signing up for the training and what to expect in each of the training Sessions. It has reference links to the material and the exercises we cover. Module 1 training consists of 5 Sessions of 2.5 hours each. We will meet once a week.

Take a step by step guided video tour of this training and website.

Our Vision
Our vison is a global culture of empathy that is based on the foundational values of mutual empathy, openness and care. We believe a global culture based on empathy would contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and the planet.

Our Mission
Our goal and mission is to raise the level of empathy on the planet by training all 7+ billion people to be able to take part in and facilitate Empathy Circles.

This is an Open Source Empathy Training. This means we invite anyone to use this training curriculum and resources to hold their own trainings. You can use, study, change, distribute and build on it. Just give credit and link back to this training website. We invite you to also help co-host, co-design, co-develop and co-promote the training for the mutual benefit and well-being of humanity and the planet.

By Donation
The training is free and you can donate to support the work. The trainers are donating their time because they want to contribute to building a culture of empathy and spread the Empathy Circle practice as widely as possible. We would like everyone on the planet to be able to know how to take part in an Empathy Circle, facilitate one, and be able to train others in the practice. We know that if this vision and practice is widely spread, it will nurture greater well-being in the world. A comparable course would easily cost around $300. If you would like to contribute to supporting this work, you can make a donation by going to this Facebook fundraiser, "Help Design and Host a Free Empathy Circle Facilitator Training" or here on PayPal.

Getting Started
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Two Empathy Circle Prerequisite
There is a prerequisite that you have taken part in at least two Intro Empathy Circles as a participant before doing the training. This gives you some experience in the process before you try to learn to facilitate it.

Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Introduction Cafes
See this Event Calendar for a list of Dates and Times for the Introduction and Orientation to the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Cafes. These are open drop-in Introductory Empathy Cafes that are usually held on various Mondays and Saturdays.

Training Time Commitment
The total time required for the Module 1 training course consists of 5 Sessions of 2.5 hours each. We meet once a week. There are also assignments to do during the week that may take an hour or more.

The Training Path
Each Cohort is an ongoing Series that repeats Mondays or Saturdays. You can take the training once or multiple times. First learn to be an Empathy Circle facilitator, then become a trainee to learn to give this training, then you can actually start to train others. You also can join the training design team to help improve and expand the training.

Certificates of Completion
We give Certificates of Completion to everyone that attends all the training Sessions.

Building a Supportive Community
We work to build a empathic community and mutual support network. We are there for each other with Empathy Buddy calls, and Email List and Social Media Community.

Sign Up For The Training Now
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Dates: Always Meets on Saturdays

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: Saturday, November 20

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Description: Open to All

Dates: Always Meets on Mondays

Times: 10am PT/1pm ET

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Start Date
: Monday, January 03

New Cohorts Dates and Times To Be Determined.
If you have an organization, business, community or group, we can facilitate a training for you.