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(1) 50/50 board & other news.


According to ‘Action on Hearing Loss – formally the RNID (Royal National Institute for the Deaf)’ one in seven people in this country have a hearing impairment. Sadly I am one such person and when I suddenly lost a large proportion of my hearing a few years ago my world changed dramatically almost overnight.
After I had lost my hearing my match day experience was somewhat different to what it had been. I could no longer hear what music was being played before, during or after the game, I could not make out what the announcer was saying over the tannoy system – the team names, match sponsors, what was happening at half time on the pitch, half time and full time scores and any important announcements like who had just scored for City (yes it happens occasionally).
One of the other things I’ve missed out on is the winning number for the 50/50 draw, which, as a consequence, means I don’t buy 50/50 draw tickets.
But wait – all that’s changed. The Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association (ECDSA) whose aims are to improve facilities for disabled supporters of the club have got together with the Supporters Club, who run the 50/50 draw, to create a board which will be paraded around the pitch at half time showing the winning 50/50 number for everyone to SEE.
So if you’re like me and can’t hear that winning 50/50 draw ticket number when it’s announced over the tannoy then the visual impact of the new board should solve the problem. I for one will now be able to purchase 50/50 draw tickets and contribute that little bit more to help our football club. Why don’t you do the same – SEE you could soon be a WINNER.
If you think the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association (ECDSA) can improve your match day experience then please contact them at:- Email:-
The ECDSA welcomes new members – please contact the membership secretary at: 38 The Marles, Exmouth EX8 4NS or download a membership form, click link: Join Us Send completed form & membership fee to our membership secretary. Single membership available for £5.00
Other News.
Committee members for 2012/13: Nick Saunders (Chairman); David Jones (Vice-chair & Membership Secretary); Jeanne Jones (Secretary); Margaret Atkins (Treasurer); Trevor Harwood (Press Officer); Colin Atkins; David and Juanita Turner.
2012/13 Christmas Draw: Plans are under way for this year’s Christmas draw and Tickets will be on sell from 29th September at a cost of £1 each. Draw to take place on 12th December. Details of prizes will be announced soon.

ECDSA President: Details to come shortly.