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(5) Level Playing Field campaign

Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association, Exeter City Football Club and One game One Community are fully supporting the ‘Level Playing Field’ campaign. Level Playing Field is also the trading name of the National Association of Disabled Supporters and has organised weeks of action from 10th - 25th March calling on all football clubs and fans to get behind their drive to make match day experiences the same for everyone. This years campaign is focusing on what football clubs have to offer supporters with disabilities.
It is estimated that a minimum of 30,000 disabled football fans attend football on a regular basis. LPF campaigns to improve facilities/services so that all clubs offer the same kind of match day experience for disabled fans as non-disabled ones: It can be as simple as an equitable access to tickets, a decent view, sitting under cover and with your own fans plus accessible toilets and bars. LPF is keen to highlight that football plays a massive part in the everyday lives of disabled supporters: Time and again we receive testimonials on how following football has had a positive effect on the life of disabled fans offering a sense of belonging, pride, passion and belief”.
Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association fully supports the 'Level Playing Field' campaign and to show our support we are sponsoring a child to become a match day mascot at the Preston North End match on Sat 17th March. Yazeed is 14 years old, is autistic, and attends Dawlish School. Attending the match with Yazeed will be father Khalid and two younger brothers, Ebaraheem and Abdulaziz.
Exeter City's One Game One Community Group (OGOC) is delighted to be supporting the Level Playing Field initiative. The group works closely with ECDSA on disability issues and has helped choose Yazeed as a mascot through one of its partner community groups. City's OGOC ambassador John O'Flynn has also been busy over the past few weeks supporting disability events.
Exeter City F.C. does a great deal with the help and support of ECDSA to ensure that supporters with disabilities can have an enjoyable match day experience and one facility we're all proud of is the provision of match day commentary for visually impaired supporters and all the hard work put in by the trained volunteer commentators. The club also has a wheelchair for hire for those who are finding it difficult to get around because of a temporary disablement.
If you would like more details on the facilities and football training for supporters with disabilities
at Exeter City please visit our ECFC Disability Information & Disability Football sections on this website.