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(3) Stadium Tour

posted 25 Oct 2010, 14:09 by N Saunders   [ updated 15 Jan 2016, 15:28 ]

Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association Stadium Tour

Committee members of ECDSA were recently taken on a tour of St James Park under the guidance of Stadium Manager Jon Underhill, during which we were brought up to date with all the changes and work that had been carried out in the close season.

With the pitch being moved at a cost of £150,000 all the stadium floodlights had to be repositioned and four extra lights had to be installed at the corners of the ground.


The away end has undergone a radical change at a cost of around £10,000, which will hopefully make the problems of getting away fans in a thing of the past.

The Stagecoach Stand has had £50,000 spent on it for new metal roof support struts and additional bracing of the timber pearlings. The dug outs have now been repositioned to the Stagecoach Stand which has meant that the dugouts in front of the Flybe Stand are no longer necessary so the old disabled enclosures have been returned to their old use without the obstructed views. Disabled fans returning to these areas are delighted with this arrangement.


Work on the Big Bank and Flybe Stand meant that support bolts for both roofs had to be replaced at a cost of £15,000. More work has to be carried out but this can only be done when funds become available.


Members were extremely impressed by all the work that has been done and found the tour very interesting and enjoyable. We all felt it was a very worthwhile exercise and believe that the ongoing ground improvements will continue to make attending matches easier and more enjoyable for disabled fans.


Our thanks go to Jon Underhill for accompanying us on the tour making it both enjoyable and enlightening for us.


Steve Gazzard, ECDSA press officer.


Stadium Manager Jon Underhill (left) talks to ECDSA members (left to right):

Nick Saunders (Chairman); Steve Gazzard (Press Officer), David Jones (Committee Member); Jeanne Jones (Secretary) and Colin Atkins (Vice Chairman).


ECDSA Members Meet German Fans


After their recent stadium tour members of the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association met two football fans from Hamm in Germany who had come to look at our stadium.


Ralf Jaegermann and Detlev Nillies are supporters of their local team, Westfalia Rhynern, who, we understand, play
at a similar level to city. They appeared to be very impressed with our facilities and were overwhelmed by all the tributes to Adam Stansfield which were on display at the time of their visit. They had nothing but praise for the supporters and the tributes they had left.


An Exeter City pennant was presented to them on behalf of ECDSA to take back to their club in Germany.


Pictured are, Left to Right: Steve Gazzard (ECDSA Press officer); Detlev Nillies; Ralf Jaegermann; Colin Atkins (ECDSA Vice Chairman).