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(7) Level Playing Field (formally known as NADS) LPF 2011 -

posted 5 Mar 2011, 06:18 by N Saunders   [ updated 10 Jul 2012, 15:06 ]

Good Access = Good Business

Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association are pleased to support the 2011 Level Playing Field (LPF) Weeks of Action. During the period of the 5th March to the 20th March 2011, clubs around the country have the opportunity to show what they have achieved for disabled supporters.
NADS are always keen to remind the wider sporting world of just how big a market place is represented by disabled supporters. The Level Playing Field initiative promotes the need for an inclusive and equal experience for all fans, bringing together clubs and fans at all levels of the game. You may be surprised to know that NADS estimates that at least 30,000 disabled fans currently attend league matches each season. More than 50% of disabled people have never attended a public or sporting event and one in four families will include someone who is disabled. Added to that, it is estimated that the ‘disabled £’ has a spending power worth up to £80bn per year – now that is a market that no one can afford to ignore.
The challenges faced by disabled people are numerous, often unexpected, but frequently easily resolved; NADS works alongside the football family and government, lobbying for continued improvements and sharing good practice where it exists. Football clubs seek higher attendances and we want to see more disabled people enjoying the match day experience. That is surely good for the balance sheet.
Many types of disability are hidden, and each have their own specific access needs. Ask most people if someone is disabled and they will instantly look for the wheelchair (go on, be honest, how many times have you done that when you go past the blue badge section in the car park?)

Last year, the LPF campaign focused on the problems faced by ambulant disabled supporters (this could include people who have mobility difficulties, diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or cancer).


NADS would like to thank the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association for supporting this annual initiative.
So What’s in a Name? Goodbye NADS – Hello Level Playing Field.
Well we’ve thrashed out the pros and cons, looked at the branding issues and yes, after much internal discussion, dialogue and consultation, NADS is changing its name to …. you guessed it …. Level Playing Field!!!
For more information about NADS, (now as Level Playing Field) or to join them, you can go online to, email or call them on 0845 230 6237.