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(3) Minutes 05/09/12

 Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th September 2012


Meeting opened at 14.05
Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; Juanita and David Turner and Dave Evans for a brief item.
Apologies: Trevor Harwood, Steve Gazzard and Paul Farley.
Minutes of last meeting: MA requested that the word highlight be removed from the press officer’s report. After that all were happy that they were correct and were duly signed off.

Matters Arising: Disabled parking markings: The markings for disabled parking have now been done. Clive organised it to be done together with other markings at the ground. The company who have carried out the work for us have asked for an advertising board in payment. We discussed this and it was decided that we would be more than happy to pay half as other markings were done at the time. We understand it could be in the region of £***.** and this amount was agreed by all. NS will ask CP what the amount will be.

Match Buddies: NS said there was nothing to report at the moment, level playing field has the funding for the scheme, which is hoped will be a success.

Ambassador: JJ spoke to SP as we do not want to actively look for some one else while we are waiting to see if SP will be well enough to take on the role at a further date.

Sponsorship for ability counts: NS spoke to SW about our concerns at not receiving any feedback about our sponsorship from last season. SW admitted that he was at fault of not reporting to us. NS asked if there were anything the teams needed and SW commented that they need to replenish their first aid kits. NS then spoke to PC and PC informed NS that they needed a first aid kit complete with bag and 3 refill kits. We agreed that we were all happy to purchase them for them. JJ said she will ask the physio at the training ground about what would be needed for a match day.

Redevelopment of the ground: MA reported that she’s had another meeting with RC and he asked to have the wish list in two parts as before and as it had not been changed she did not update us. MA at the last meeting said she would send the updated and completed wish list to NS and JJ before she had her next meeting with RC, however this didn’t happen. NS reminded MA of what was agreed at the last meeting (01/08/12) and her response was that she didn’t see the need or point of what was agreed.

Finance report: MA gave us a report detailing our current finances and we all had a copy of her interim report. We have a balance of £*,***.**. This included paying out for draw tickets and other items. JJ raised the point that as MA now lives further out of Exeter and DJ often has membership money for some time before he is able to see her it would be helpful if he had the bank details so he could pay in monies received. As she will receive a receipt each time, this will enable her to keep the group’s accounts correct. NS will give DJ the monies from ticket sales to pay into the bank and will keep a record of sales to save having amounts at home. JJ remarked that we should be able to pay money into the bank as to take money out of the account there are two signatures needed to draw money out. MA gave DJ the details of the account from an old account book.

Holding money back: MA said she is still looking into the possibility of having a chance of gaining a possible amount from a community account. It was agreed that it was only a possibility with no guarantee. It was decided that we would look at the movement of the account when we are in possession of details of the offers available and it would be decided by the committee.

Membership: DJ reported that we now have 38 renewals from members and he managed to hand deliver all but 7 of the renewals. He has now started to send out second reminders. DJ asked CA if he should send reminders to his family which CA agreed.

Badges: We now have delivery of the new badges which have been received well. CA has had requests for the new badges and said they will be available after Christmas. We have enough for all members and some for sale as in previous years. It was raised that as they are such a good money spinner that we repeat the exercise regularly.
Press Officers Report: TH article for the 50/50 board was well received and looked good in the match programme. It was felt that we should advertise the draw in the programme and club website.
Fundraising: Grand Christmas Draw: CA brought the draw tickets in. They show the main draw prize and other prizes: The Jaguar for a weekend, Hospitality, Wine, Fair Trade Hamper and Blu-ray Player. Each committee member will start with £50 each worth of tickets and DJ and NS will send out books to our members, two books to a single member and 3 to a couple. We plan to start selling them from the Bristol Rovers game on the 29th September. CA has asked AG for permission to sell tickets in up hospitality and NS asked if we can have a table outside the Grecian centre, AG agreed to both request. MA and CA will sell in hospitality and CA will ask the Senior Reds to help us to sell tickets.

A.O.B: One game, one community: Their bucket collection will be at the Chesterfield game, they are looking for collectors for their cause which will be for Ability Counts and need help with their collection. JT and DT offered as did DJ. CA said he will do up stairs and he will also ask at the fans forum for collectors. DJ thought that they will need our buckets. They will have to put the labels on the buckets and we will remove our own laminated ones.

Santa Dash: DE joined us to advertise the clubs Santa Dash fundraiser. He hopes this will be a bigger success than last year.

South West Disabled Fans Experience Forum: NS reported that the next forum will take place at Yeovil Town on Thursday 18th October at 1.30pm till 4.00pm. Formal invites will sent out very soon.

Bucket collections: CA asked when we were going to having our bucket collection as it’s understood that they’ve all been allocated. NS understands that we will be contacted sometime in the season for us to have our collection, which is normally an all ticket match as the clubs don’t have to give collectors free entry.

Lighting problem at JPT match: SG sent an email in raising his concerns about how dark it was after Tuesday’s game at the exit of the Flybe stand. NS will highlight this problem with CP.

50/50 Board: DJ commented on the use of our 50/50 boards. He said it should be walked up and down in front of the stands. NS raised the issue of the marker pen being used being too thin and a wider one was needed. MA said she will go to the stationery shop she used when working to see if she can get one.

Meeting closed at 3.25pm.