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(2) Minutes 01/08/12

Minutes of the meeting held on the 10th July 2012


Meeting opened at 1405.


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; Steve Gazzard; Trevor Harwood; Juanita and David Turner.


Apologies: Paul Farley.


Minutes of last meeting: At the close of the last meeting MA obtained a copy of the invoice for the 50/50 boards. MS has since given the accountant a cheque to cover the amount. Apart from this inclusion all were happy that they were correct and they were duly signed off.


Matters Arising: Disabled parking markings: CP is awaiting FF contact to complete the job for us. We are delighted to see that the ruts in the area have now been repaired leaving the area ready for the line painting.

Match Buddies: NS met with FF and MW (level playing field). NS felt that it will take a lot of work to get the system off the ground. All volunteers will have to go through the criminal record checks. He felt that the disabled fans with severe disabilities will have a good support group of helpers, however it’s the ones with lesser disabilities will have more need of the system.

Ambassador: Due to SP recent health problem, we feel it could be too soon for us to ask him to become our ambassador. After some discussion a number of names were put forward as possibilities but no real decision was made. The names so far are JG, AE, JS and ID. It was felt that we should think of further names, and then decide who would be the best candidate at the next meeting.

ECDSA President: We are delighted to confirm that AlanG has agreed to become our president, it was agreed that, if we are unable to sponsor him, JJ was to ask AlanG if he would say who he would like us to sponsor if this is the case.

Ability Counts: NS has tried to talk to PC and he regrets that he was not successful with him on the subject of sponsorship. It was felt by the committee to leave it in abeyance for the present time. However, NS will speak with SW (FITC disability coach).

Stadium redevelopment: As we only had a short time to get the list to RC, MA put the list together and submitted on our behalf to him. As SG was unable to attend on the Tuesday which was the only day RC could meet with MA. As he cannot attend meetings at short notice, SG felt it would be better if he stood down as he has commitments which limited his time to attend meetings.

We went through the list and prioritised what we felt was more important to us as a group. The committee worked together through the bullet points and they were redrafted to put all the points in order.

NS asked MA to include the backup list with the main list as the two lists being separate could cause some confusion. He also requested that before the list goes to RC that she runs the list past him, which was agreed. MA said she would also send a copy to JJ. Steve also offered that he would be more than happy to give any help with planning issues as this is his speciality. NS thanked MA for her hard work in putting the list together.


Finance report: MA reported that we have a balance of £*,***.** in the bank. MA is investigating accounts with a higher interest. We did have some discussion around this but it was decided that the committee will decide when more details are made available.

We also agreed as we have in previous years to pay for our Presidents training kit sponsorship if it’s available, if not for a youngster of his approval. The club has always given us a fair price which includes the removal of the child tickets, which is normally included with player sponsorship. Price this year is £***.**, all agreed.


Membership report: DJ reported that we’ve had ** renewals including * new members. DJ intends to chase up non-renewals when he sends out the season tickets; he also will include a letter from NS as clubs DLO and our new disabled & assistant leaflet with each disabled ticket.

Badges: We had discussions around the badges. NS has been pricing up the badges and they will cost in the region of £**.** for ***. This will be paid for by the sales of the surplus badges that don’t go to members. The new badge will have our new logo on them making it different from the previous one; NS showed us a picture of the new design. The committee were happy with the cost and the idea of ordering new badges.


Press Officer: NS took on the role of Press Officer; however, NS put forward TH as our press officer to which TH agreed. NS proposed and JJ seconded. All were very happy to agree.

For his first task TH gave a report on the new 50/50 board and the benefits to all, which will be placed on our website as well as being put forward for the match day programme. Once TH read the article to us we all congratulated him. SG suggested that it was put in the Express and Echo as they are always looking for news stories and it will highlight our association.

MA did highlight the problems they have had in the past putting things on the main website and into the match programme, it is hoped that this is a thing of the past.


Fundraising: Christmas Draw 2012: NS brought up the Christmas draw as we don’t at this time have a fundraising officer as this is now down to the committee. CA agreed to order the draw tickets as time is getting on and he said he will put the prizes (stated below) onto the tickets with a statement saying other prizes. We agreed that we should have the draw on Wednesday 12th December so the prizes can be collected by the winner on the home match that coming Saturday (15th). As a group we put forward ideas for prizes, CA and MA said they will talk to the manager of the Grange and will get the Christmas hamper through their church. SG said he will donate a box of red Spanish wine, JT and DT said they will donate sweets and JJ and DJ will donate something they get from France, but what, they had not decided. NS said he would ask various people for prizes and will see AG to see if he can get some prizes from the club. NS will be looking after the tickets and DJ will send tickets out in his position as membership secretary, with NS tracking the tickets.


AOB: Season tickets: DJ mentioned that he will be sending out season tickets on the 8th August and if anyone can help he would be grateful.


Meeting closed at 4.10pm.


Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 5th September, 2pm.