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(1) Minutes 10/07/12

Minutes of the meeting held on the 10th July 2012


Meeting opened at 1400.


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; Juanita and David Turner.


Apologies: Steve Gazzard; Paul Farley and Trevor Harwood.


Election of Positions on Committee:

Chair - Nick Saunders - Proposed Jeanne, Seconded Colin.

Vice Chair - David Jones - Proposed Jeanne, Seconded Margaret.

Secretary - Jeanne Jones - Proposed Nick, Seconded Colin.

Treasurer - Margaret Atkins - Proposed David Jones, Seconded Juanita.

Membership Secretary - David Jones - Proposed David Turner, Seconded Juanita.

Fundraiser - This was left in abeyance until next meeting.

Press Officer - Nick Saunders - Proposed Colin, Seconded David Turner.

These posts were all agreed by the committee.


NS congratulated all on the hard work last season and how successful the AGM was for which he thanked all. MA offered to contact PF with reference to gift of wine to thank SW for his work on the accounts.


Minutes of last meeting: Due to a misunderstanding the minutes of the last meeting were not sent out, so copies were produced and were given out for the committee to read. All were happy that they were correct and were duly signed off.


Matters Arising: Disabled parking markings: NS has spoken to FF and her contact has confirmed that they will do this for us. They will speak to CP to arrange a time when it is convenient to paint the lines.

Disabled leaflet information: We now have these and Juanita spent some time putting the membership forms into the leaflets so they are ready to go out. NS thanked her for her hard work in doing this for us. There will be a number of these leaflets in reception. The balance will be stored with NS and some with DJ as membership secretary.

50/50 Boards: These boards are now on the other side ready to be used by the supporters club for the draw. Our logo is on the boards together with a statement that we have donated the boards. MA is waiting on the invoice so she can raise a cheque to pay for the boards.

Sheffield United: NS asked JJ to write to JI and send her a copy of his report on the problems that arose at the game against Sheffield United. He asked also to confirm to her that not only has the club now agreed to have a dedicated steward for disabled fans but they have acted on all the points he suggested to the club.

Match Buddies: NS has a meeting with FF and MW from level playing field to set this up at the club. He will report the outcome of the meeting to us and it is to be hoped the system will be of benefit to the community.

Ambassador: It was decided to wait until the next meeting until we know if SP is able to be our ambassador.

One game one community: The 20th October is the date set for their disability match day. The bucket collection is to help raise money for Ability Counts and the half time penalties will be taken by members of teams involved with Ability Counts. PC has asked for collectors to help with the bucket collection.


Finance report: MA reported that we have spent £***.** on printing and stamps and with £***.** in from membership we now have a balance of £*,***.** with **p interest. As it has only been 6 days since our AGM there has not been time to make out a full report.


Membership report: DJ reported that he has had 27 renewals with one new member. DJ intends to chase non-renewals when he sends out the season tickets.

Badges: The badges will be ordered and will be available for new members as well as selling once NS has sorted out our logo for printing onto the badges. He’s still looking for a suitable program.


Fundraising: CA stated that he felt it was time to stand down as fundraiser but is more than happy to support who takes over running things. It was felt that the raffle could be run by us all with some one coordinating things. NS thanked CA in and MA for all their hard work in making it successful.


Press Officer: NS has taken over this as he has access to our website. He will put the minutes of the AGM on the website as well as the Chairman’s report. No other stories to be published at this present time.

Grecian Groups Forum: The suggestion has been made at the last GGF that future bucket collections could be shared between the organisation making the collection and the club’s own charities. The meeting thought that this could be a good idea as smaller charities have difficulty raising money. The subject will be discussed further at future GGF meetings.


A.O.B: Redevelopment ECDSA point of contact/spokesperson: There was a presentation by MA on why she thinks she should be our contact for the redevelopment of the ground. SG was not able to attend due to run over of a meeting of he’s local council so he sent us a brief list of reasons why he also wanted he’s name put forward. After a vote, we found ourselves at a tie and it was decided that they both have good qualities and that they can both work together.

We then had a very worthwhile time brain storming a Disability Wish List and came up with a very good and comprehensive list to put forward as our wish list.

ECDSA President: As we were not sure if BJ will be continuing as our President, as he has not signed up for next year. We thought it would be good for JJ to sound out if there is someone who would be happy to fulfil this for us. We will wait until things are resolved before we commit to sponsoring any one but we will tell AG of our intention to support a player.

Sponsorship: Ability counts: We have in the past sponsored them but we feel that, as we have had no information of their activities and no one from the group have said Thank you for our past sponsorship, they should be made aware of our feeling and NS said that, as he has a meeting with OGOC and as PC will be attending, he will make him aware of our feelings.


Meeting closed at 3.30pm.

Date of the next meeting: 1stth August 2012