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(2) Minutes 31/08/11

Minutes of Meeting held on 31st August 2011

Meeting started 14.10


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret and Colin Atkins; Mark and Becky Devereux; Juanita and David Turner; David Jones.


Apologies: Jeanne Jones; Steve Gazzard; Paul Farley.


Minutes of last Meeting: Font size: Mark and Becky requested that minutes be sent to them in 24 size font.

Redevelopment Rep: Colin commented that the order of the names for the association’s representative was incorrect. It should have read - Nick put his name forward with Jeanne also putting forward Nick as he has a detailed knowledge of what the rules and regulations are. Margaret put herself forward because of her experience working in the building industry and David suggested that Steve Gazzard may be suitable as he has extensive knowledge of planning regulations


With this exception the minutes were agreed and signed of as correct.


Matters Arising: ECFC DLO: Nick informed us that (JU) has now left his role as Stadium Manager. There are still some items relating to facilities (radar system) yet to be completed. (CP) will take temporary responsibility of (JU)duties with (AG) temporarily dealing with the communications which would normally be dealt with by the clubs DLO.

Nick has told (AG) that he can come to him if he needs help or is unsure of anything.

Disabled Parking: For the above reason, the markings for the disabled parking spaces have not yet been completed.

ECDSA President: Billy Jones has agreed to become the president of our association. Our thanks go to (AE) for her help in recruiting him.

Nick has sent an email to our outgoing president, Bertie Cozic, thanking him for all his help since the association was set up.

Ability Counts: As the FA funding for the Ability Counts teams has been cut and we’ve all agreed to sponsor them with a donation of £***.**. In return they have agreed to take 100 of our raffle tickets to sell plus our sponsorship money will only be spent on things they are in need of. Thanks goes to Colin and Margaret for looking into this on our behalf.

Radar Locks and Keys: We have now paid for both Radar Locks. One lock has been fitted to the toilet inside the ground but we are still awaiting the one to be fitted to the toilet door near the bar inside ‘the park’.

Redevelopment of SJP: Nick told the meeting that he has spoken to (PF), who is expected to be a Supporters Trust representative in any discussions, Nick was told that no discussions are expected to take place for sometime and planning is at a very early stage. Margaret read to the meeting a letter she has received from (RC) (attached to minutes) in which (RC) states that there are no plans for a committee of representatives of the various groups but consultation will be with a named representative of each group.

Nick suggested that we defer any decision regarding this until we hear when the time for consultation is close. The meeting agreed that the matter be brought up at each of our meetings under AOB until we agree that the time has come to make a decision.

ECFC Representative: We agreed that a letter should be sent to (AG) inviting a representative of the club to attend our meetings.

Disability Information sent to other clubs: Nick has emailed all the clubs that we will play in league 1 and the clubs we have drawn in cup competitions with details of the clubs disabled facilities. To date he has received 11 replies from football clubs and 3 from disabled supporters associations.


Financial report: Margaret gave the financial report using a Power Point presentation to make it easier for our visually impaired members to follow.

The report showed that we hold a sum of £****.**.

Margaret said she would like to continue to present the accounts in this way and it was agreed that we ask that a screen be available when we book the room for our meetings.


Fundraising: Christmas draw: Colin brought us up to date with the progress of the Christmas Raffle.

To date, £***.** worth of tickets have been sold and £**.** from a donation. As the club got Liverpool at home in the cup, Colin contacted Nick and both agreed that it would be a big opportunity missed if tickets were not sold up in hospitality for this match.

£**.** has been spent on tickets and £**.** on prizes so far. Colin showed us a list of prizes for this years draw but felt that we still needed more prizes (list of prizes at the end of these minutes).

Colin refused to wear any name badge showing that he’s selling tickets on our behalf as he was unhappy that the name badges were authorised and signed by Nick, Nick felt that this was an attack on himself and told Colin that he should have come to him in private to rectify any issues he may have without the need of bringing this issue up at the committee meeting.

Nick repeated that he felt that getting written permission to sell draw tickets upstairs in hospitality on match days was to cover ourselves and that all sellers having a name badge was to show that they’re selling tickets for ECDSA and nobody else.     

Tickets were issued to members of the committee to sell, along with a name badge which shows that they are selling tickets on behalf of ECDSA.

Extra tickets were handed to Nick to be sent out to our membership but Nick refused to do this as he felt that this was the responsibility of our Fundraising officer. Nick will send Colin an updated membership list so tickets can be sent out in early October.


Membership: Nick informed the meeting that we now have 60 members, 4 members have not renewed but we’ve gained 8 new members.

Nick has updated our website to show the benefits of being a member or ECDSA.


Press Officer: News update: On behalf of our Press officer Nick has produced a news update which was posted on our website; this information was also included in the programme for the Chesterfield match.

Website update: There were 173 visits to our website last month making a total of 1249 altogether. There have been a total of 424 new visitors to the site in total and a return rate is 66%.


A.O.B: Bucket Collection: Nick suggested that the proceeds from this year’s Bucket Collection could be spent on two evacuation chairs to be placed at the top of the staircases leading from the Flybe Suite and the back of the Flybe Stand to be used in the event of an emergency such as a fire when disabled people in upstairs areas would be unable to use the lift. He showed us a sheet showing 3 different chairs that are available and the committee voted for option 1 by six vote’s with 1 vote for option 2. Nick will take this news and the option to the football club and see if this is what is needed.

Interaction with other clubs: Nick told the meeting that he has been in contact with some disabled fans of Yeovil Town because he has an idea of setting up a forum whereby representatives of disabled fans and the South West football clubs can exchange views, policies and practices concerning their clubs and associations. This would assist all attendees in their efforts to improve their own club’s disabled facilities. The committee agreed that this would be a good idea.

Nick will investigate the possibility of contacting the DLOs or Stadium managers of all South west clubs with a view to setting up such a forum and he will give us an update at the next meeting.

Grecian group forum: Colin suggested that if we knew who the speakers were to be at the Group Forums we should be able to suggest questions to be put to them.

Stewards: Mark identified issues with stewarding on match days when stewards had refused to move obstructions such as wheelie bins which were left in the way of disabled fans. It was suggested that, should this occur he should make specific complaints to the club.

Banging on roofing: Becky said that there had been problems with fans banging on the roofing of disabled areas 6 and 7 in the Big Bank. David said that this had always been a problem and she should keep bringing it to the attention of the stewards nearby. In the past the stewards have done their best to deal with the problem and on one occasion somebody was ejected from the ground because he refused to stop banging on the roof.

Match tickets: Nick identified a problem with disabled fans buying tickets from Ticketzone. Some operators seem reluctant to allow disabled fans to have their free assistant ticket. We thought this was probably because of extra temporary staff being used that was not totally aware of the system. David agreed to speak to Denis Lee and ask him to make sure that Ticketzone are aware of the issue and that the football clubs disabled spectator’s policy is followed.


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 28th September, 2.00pm. To be held in the Courtenay room, if available.