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(3) Minutes 26/09/11

Minutes of the meeting held on the 28th September 2011
 Meeting started 14.14
Present: Nick Saunders; Jeanne and David Jones; Margaret and Colin Atkins.

Apologies:  Paul Farley; Steven Gazzard.


Minutes of the last meeting: Were read and it was agreed to have them signed off.

Both Colin and Nick regretted that there were issues raised at the last meeting. 


Matters arising: Disabled parking markings: Nick brought up the issues around the marking of the disabled places, as yet not done. (DE) is now working on his own. It was suggested that we raise the point with the club and suggested that it could be done by one of the working parties. This was agreed and it was decided that it be brought to the Grecian’s Group Forum at their next meeting.

Radar Key: Denny has told Nick that he needs to start to install this in the morning so if there are some snags he can sort them out. Once more, as (DE) is so busy with the departure of (JU), this has left him with lots of jobs to still do.

It was again suggested that we go armed with a list of jobs which the other groups could help do. This was agreed and our representatives will take this to the Grecian Group forum as stated above.

Google Documents: Nick has been seeking advice with reference to using a Google account that allows other to view. Nick confirmed that he will send a link to Jeanne so she can open the site and when working will then send to the other members of the committee. This will enable all to see the ECDSA documents.

South West Disabled Fans Experience Forum: Nick gave a report on how this is developing. The first forum is on the 10th November at 1.30pm at the park. Frances Farley is in full agreement and is giving her full support. Nick with the help of David Munn (YTDSA) has been in touch with all the clubs in the South and West region: Yeovil; Plymouth; Swindon; Bristol City and Rovers; Torquay; Swindon; Cheltenham and Cardiff. The response has been positive but not all clubs showed the same positive support.

It was agreed that the committee would pay for the refreshments if the football did not.

Further arrangements to be discussed at the next meeting.

ECFC representative: Nick has still to look into this with the football club.


Financial Report: Bucket collection: Margaret reported that we made the wonderful amount of £***.** at the bucket collection which will go to pay for the evacuation chairs which Nick has asked to be ordered and which we hope will be presented to the club at the next home game after they arrive, this will also show the fans what we spent the money on.

Nick reported that details of the bucket collection has been put on our website also with our grateful thanks for the help we received from the Exec 100 Cub; EDG’s; NDG’s; Trust and ECDSA members, we had 15 collectors in all, who gave their help with the collection.


We have a grand total of £****.** in the bank at the present time.


Fundraising officer’s report: Christmas draw: Colin reported that he has sent out a large number of tickets to our membership. He felt that, as the tickets only cost us 2 pence each and they are going well, we should purchase more tickets from the printers. Colin’s local co-op has offered to allow him to sell tickets at the shop and because of this he felt that we should buy as many prizes from the shop such as the sweets and wine. Colin is also looking to have a day selling tickets at Exeter airport.

Nick has produced a poster to advertise the draw and suggested that a DVD player may be a good addition to the prizes. Nick thanked Colin for all his hard work.

Nick put it to the committee that we asked Billy Jones, as our President, to do the Christmas Draw and we could ask (AE) to ask him if he is able to attend, all agreed.


Membership: The club wants all membership secretaries to have access to their database to access member’s priority numbers and to up date members information. Nick suggested that David should take over our membership list as he already has access to the clubs database anyway as he helps the club update it’s database as a volunteer, all agreed.

The club is in the process of offering a membership card printing facility for supporter groups, the cost is **p per card but it only offers a standard card for all members. It was agreed to keep production our own membership cards as the cost was very low.


We currently have 66 members, this includes 1 new member.


Press officers report: Grecian group forum: Nothing to report.

Website update: Nick reported that we have had 65 hits this month, with 23 new visitors. We have had a total of 1,311 hits with 441 unique visits and that has resulted in us having a 67% return rate.


A.O.B: Items bought for the club: Colin wondered if there was an audit of the items we have brought for the club and that everything is in working order. Nick reported that it is all done by the club as we have given them the items and safety checks are done.

None attendants at meetings: Margaret brought up about Steve Gazzard not attending meetings as our rules state that committee members have to attend meetings. David answered that Steve is now on two councils and his time is very limited. After discussion it was felt that his input is of value when he can attend and the group wanted him to remain on the committee.

Date of next committee meeting. Wednesday 2nd November, 2pm


Meeting closed. 15.45