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(1) Minutes 26/07/11

Minutes of the meeting held on the 26th July 2011


Meeting opened at 19.07


Committee members present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; David Turner; Becky & Mark Devereux.


Members present: Juanita Turner & Ruth Red.


Apologies: Steve Gazzard and Paul Farley.


Conformation of Officers: The committee voted on the following officers -


Chairman - Nick Saunders proposed by Colin Atkins seconded by David Jones

Vice Chairman - David Jones proposed by Colin Atkins seconded by Mark Devereux.

Secretary - Jeanne Jones proposed by Mark Devereux seconded by Becky Devereux

Treasurer - Margaret Atkins proposed by Nick Saunders seconded by Jeanne Jones.

Membership Secretary - Nick Saunders Proposed by Jeanne Jones seconded by David Turner.

Fundraiser - Colin Atkins proposed by Nick Saunders seconded by David Jones

Press officer - Steve Gazzard proposed by Nick Saunders seconded by David Jones.


All committee members agreed on positions.


Minutes of last meeting: After a spelling mistake had been corrected, the minutes were approved and signed as correct. Mark asked if he could have his copy of the minutes be sent at 24pt to enable him to read them. This was noted by the secretary.


Matters Arising: Keeping safe: This is now in place at Exeter City with window stickers on display and information in reception and the club shop. This makes Exeter City one of the important links in the chain of keeping people with learning disabilities safe in the city.

Disabled parking markings: We are still awaiting new lines to be painted in the car park to ensure enough space is left for people to enter and leave their cars.

Waterproofs: Nick has spoken to (JU) and he has confirmed that they are in the Yellow and Orange safety box near the Big Bank turnstiles. The stewards can access them when they are needed by those disabled supporters using area 5 in the Big Bank Stand.

Most Improved Player of the Year 2010/11: This was presented to James Dunne at the Club’s end of season dinner by Margaret and Colin together with David and Jeanne with photos of the presentation on our website.

Exeter City’s DLO: As Nick has now stood down from his position as DLO, all problems will now go to Jon Underhill who has taken over the position and can be contacted via the football club.

Radar Key Lock system: This has now been installed and the stewards will have a key to enable disabled fans to use the disabled toilet inside the stadium. Margaret is waiting on the invoice to pay the amount owing. The cost is £***.** inclusive of VAT. Nick will chase up the invoice.

We also discussed the possibility of putting a radar lock on the disabled toilet downstairs in ‘the park’ building, all agreed on this and Nick will get Jon to get one fitted.

Finance report: Margaret’s report detailed our current finances which showed very little movement and we have £****.** in the account, £***.** coming from membership and a small amount of interest from the bank. We had a few small expenses such as stamps for membership, with the invoice for the key still to come.

Jeanne thanked Margaret for her hard work in preparing the accounts for us.
Membership: Nick reported that we have 44 paid up members, with 11 members from last year still to renew. Nick will give Margaret an updated list and more money from membership when he sees her again.  
Press Officer: Grecian group forums: David Jones apologised that he had not prepared a report from the Grecian group forums, he planned to download the minutes from the forums but due to season ticket work up at the club, he didn’t have time to do this.

Website update: We’ve now had a total of 1,075 hits with 345 unique visitors in total, with a 67% return rate. New visitor’s from South Korea.


Fundraising: Christmas Draw: Colin has ordered the tickets to be delivered by mid September, he has requested that we get books of 5 not 10 as they did not prove easy to sell a couple of years ago. The Grange garage in Exeter has offered to donate a prize of a Jaguar car for the weekend, a most welcome prize which we hope will be popular, but the garage quite understandably have conditions put on the person who wins the prize. All welcomed the prize and expressed our gratitude to the company for donating such a valued prize. There will also a hamper and match day hospitality at city. All of these prizes will be printed on the tickets.

Colin has asked permission from (DB), who holds a lottery licence, and he has agreed. Jeanne will purchase a prize in Spain when they visit in October. Colin asked for additional prizes, all of which must be new not second hand. The fixture list is not very kind to us coming up to Christmas this season as there are very few games in the period in which to sell tickets or hold the draw. The date of the draw is yet to be confirmed.

Nick suggested that Colin contact (AG) to get written permission to sell draw tickets upstairs in hospitality on match days to cover us and Nick also suggested that all sellers should has name badges, as this will show that their selling tickets for ECDSA and nobody else. Nick will get some made up and bring them to our next meeting. 

Mark has offered us some badge holders to make our name badges look more professional.

A.O.B: Bucket Collection: The club has offered us another bucket collection, at the AFC Bournemouth game on Saturday 17th September 2011. Nick suggested that we would need 12 bucket collectors. Nick will send an email to members asking for collectors.

Time of meetings: It has been suggested that we have our meetings earlier to suit all committee members. It would mean that Nick would not be going back home in his new powered wheelchair in the dark and would not need to pay for a taxi in the evening.

It was put to the committee and as all committee members are able to attend in the afternoon it was accepted that the meetings would be held on a Wednesday at 2pm.

Match day disabled parking: Nick has been able to bring disabled parking put aside by the club under the wing of our association. We have 4 home and 2 away fans parking places. Nick put together a waiting list when he was DLO at the club. He rotates the names on the list to give everybody a place when away fans do not take up their parking allocation. Nick contacts those on the list when parking is available for them.

Redevelopments of the Stadium: With the plans for the forth coming redevelopment of the stadium having been on display for all to see and make comment on, the club has indicated that a committee of representatives from each supporters group will be formed. There has been no indication of the time scale of when meetings will take place. We had a discussion of who could possibly be our representative and take our member’s and our committee’s views forward at these meetings. It was felt by most that the club will adhere to the regulations set to provide good disabled facilities which gives all disabled supporters good access to all parts of the stadium.

No decision was made on who our representative should be as we all had different views on which person this should be. Nick put his name forward with Jeanne also putting forward Nick as he has a detailed knowledge of what the rules and regulations are. David Jones put Steve Gazzard forward for his knowledge of planning regulations and Margaret put herself forward with her experience of working in the building trade.

Mark put forward a motion that we move this decision onto the next meeting. This was agreed by all.

President: With Bertie having retired from football at the end of last season and showing no wish to carry on as our President we need to look for a player to take his place.

Nick has spoken to (AG) to offer to sponsor our new President’s training kit when we have a new president in place. Nick suggested that the association should offer £***.** to sponsor a training kit, as we don’t require any free tickets as part of any deal.

We put a few names of players on the table and Billy Jones name was agreed by all as the favourite candidate. It was confirmed that one of our members, (AE), would ask Billy at the Cat and Fiddle if he would be interested when she was next on duty in the kitchen.

Ability Counts: Paul from ability counts has asked Nick if we would be sponsoring them this year. This was discussed and Colin put forward that we are given credit for any sponsorship. It was agreed by all to sponsor them to the amount of £***.** to £***.**, but to ask (JV) what specific areas the money will be used for as Jamie runs Football in the Community, which also includes the Ability Counts teams. Nick asked Colin and Margaret to have a talk with Jamie as they have contact with him.

Disability information: Nick will be sending out via email the Disabled & Assistant information to the league 1 clubs we’re going to be playing this season. Last year we only received 3 replies, but it is hoped that we will get more replies this time around. The information includes all the improvements that we’ve done in the past year.

Nick will also send this information to Mark via email for him to take to the TUC meetings he attends for their member’s information.

Improved logo/motto designs: We all looked at a range of new logos with the motto ‘A voice to be heard’ on them that Nick had prepared for us. We all choose no 2 and Nick will enlarge this one to be displayed on the buckets for our collection.

Level playing field (Formerly NADS): Nick has been asked by (GD) of LPF to become a trustee. Nick stood down as the clubs DLO because of disability issues he has at the moment and because of this has sadly turned down the offer for now. Nick has been that he could be co-opted on as a trustee when he feels he’s ready. The committee understood the reason behind Nick’s decision.

Around the table: Mark brought up that he had not heard from (JU) with reference to a trial of his disability scooter accessing the disabled positions. Nick advised him that the best thing to do now was to just come up to the club and ask for Jon. David Jones offered to go into the stadium with him if he comes to the club when Jon is not available, if he (David) is at the club. David could report to Jon on how Mark gets on.


Nick thanked everyone and apologised for the long meeting, but there was a lot to discuss, as we haven’t had a full meeting since April.


Meeting closed at 20.30


Date of the next meeting: To be arranged late August, date to be confirmed