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(5) Minutes 07/12/11

Minutes of the meeting held on the 7th December 2011


Meeting opened at 14.07


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones. 


Apologies: Steve Gazzard; Paul Farley and David Turner.


Minutes of last meeting:  All were happy and they were duly signed off as correct.


Matters Arising: Disabled parking markings: We are still awaiting new lines to be painted in the car park, this has not been forgotten but not been done due to work commitments.

Radar Lock and Keys: We are waiting for a notice to be placed on the door to inform disabled people about obtaining a key from the Centre Spot. The matter of extra keys for the locks was raised and we all felt that we should have some more keys made available. David J will ask Steve G if he can obtain more keys for the locks and to find out about the cost of the extra keys.

Google documents: Nick has the website to receive our documents up and running.

South West Disabled Fan’s Experience Forum: We all felt that the day went very well. There was a very good turn out and we felt that we all had gained from the experience. The outcome is that there will be regular meetings at different grounds.

Nick put together a detailed presentation of what we have achieved over the time since our formation, which went down well and gave the other clubs an idea of what they can achieve.

We were lucky to have (JN) from Level Playing Field (NADS) attend and we reimbursed her train fare of £**.**.

As a result of the day, we have taken on board the idea of having an Ambassador for our association and it was felt that we could ask (SP) (MBE) to become our ambassador. It was agreed that Jeanne would ask him when she is next out at the Cat and Fiddle training ground or Nick would ask him if he sees him first.

We all congratulated Nick on all his hard work in enabling the forums to be held.

Fundraising: Colin gave us an up to date report on how well the tickets are selling for our Christmas draw. We have 14 prizes to date and it is hoped that tickets that have been sent out to our membership will be returned in good time for the draw. So far, we have sold £*,***.** worth of tickets and the odd donation. Colin reported that all was going well and we all thanked him and Margaret for all their hard work.

Finance report: Margaret’s report detailed our current finances and showed that we have £*,***.** in the account. Margaret also gave us a detailed report on the finances of the draw, as did Colin.


Membership: David J reported that we still have 61 members. Awaiting an interested new member to pay their membership.

Press Officer: Although a report on the trip to Sheffield United went to (PE), so far it has not appeared in the match day programme. David J to find out when it will appear.

Nick asked if it would be possible to have a photo of the winner with our top prize of the Jaguar car (for the weekend) with a report for the match day programme and our website, this would be good for The Grange and ourselves as this would be very positive publicity for both parties. Nick also asked if a draw report could be sent to (PE) to be put in the programme, which Margaret will do.

A.O.B. Disabled leaflet: As a result of the SWDFEF we discussed about having our membership form added to the club’s disabled information leaflet (Nick put this together some years ago) as this would hopefully get us more members. It is hoped that we could get some sort of sponsorship to have the leaflets printed on glossy paper. It was decided to look into costs.

Pitch in for City: Colin said that he was very disappointed that ECDSA did not get a mention on the recent winding up of the “Pitch in for City” campaign considering that we were the first group to donate and set a benchmark for other supporters groups.

Website: Nick asked if we could place the minutes of all our meetings on our website after they have been agreed. Nick will however remove all financial sums from our minutes before putting them up on our website, as this should be for committee member’s eyes only.

Yeovil away, city fan’s complaint: Nick had a report from Yeovil DSA that one of our fans was unhappy at the way Yeovil stewards would not allow him to take a bag into their ground, which contained food to be taken with medication. As we have not heard from this fan ourselves, it was decided to go with what action YTFCDSA decide to take on this matter. No further action to be taken by ourselves.

Last home match of the season: A planned reception for the group from Sheffield United disabled supporters on the last home game of the season will be planned when we have a decision as to whether we use the School or the Fountain centre. Both would be good, but further discussion and booking to be done after Christmas.


Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 1st February 2012 at 2.00pm