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(7) Minutes 04/04/12

Minutes of Meeting held on the 4th April 2012


Meeting opened at 2.05pm


Present: Nick Saunders, Margaret and Colin Atkins, Trevor Harwood, Juanita and David Turner, David Jones.


Apologies: Jeanne Jones, Steve Gazzard.


Minutes of Last Meeting: The minutes were agreed and signed off as correct.


Matters Arising: Disabled Parking Markings: (CP) is considering purchasing an applicator to paint our own lines. The decision has been deferred until the close season. Nick suggested we might consider helping with the purchase of the applicator.

Radar Key: Margaret has purchased a new Radar Key on our behalf at a cost of £*.**.      

David has moved the sign on the door of the disabled toilet near the bar to a lower position so it is more easily visible from wheelchair level.

Google Documents: Nick told the meeting that Jeanne and David.J had been to his house to set up Google Documents. To get access to Google Documents it is necessary to have a Google account. Nick said that if members need help with access he would help.

Disabled leaflet: Margaret has obtained three quotes for printing. The best quote was from West print. Margaret will check the paper quality before we make a final decision.

End of Season Reception: David.J informed us that there was still no new information regarding the Fountain centre and it was agreed that we should abandon plans for a reception with Sheffield United disabled fans due to lack of facilities. It is hoped that we may be able to meet informally with the fans that looked after our members when we visited them earlier in the season. Nick thanked Jeanne, David.J and (AE) for their input.   

Articles for match day programme: Margaret had not managed to see (PE) re-non-appearance of our articles, but she did manage to get an article printed regarding the Christmas draw. We were advised to carry on putting articles forward.   

Level Playing Fields Weeks of Action: One game One Community provided us with a mascot who was artistic for the Preston match but we had to pay £**.** for the mascot and his family’s tickets.

We were mentioned on the Level Playing Fields web site as having helped and were the only DSA mentioned at that time.


Financial Report: Margaret presented the financial report for 2011/12.  This showed a balance of £*,***.** an increase from £*,***.** from last year.

Fundraising report: Colin informed us that he has sold 96 solar radios that we had been given. He made £***.** by way of donations for the radios. Nick thanked Colin for his efforts.

Mobile phones: Nick has a collection of mobile phone accessories and asked for any Ideas about how to dispose of them. Trevor said he may be able to sell some through his brother at a car boot sale. He will let us know if this is possible. Colin will work with Trevor on this. Any further ideas will be sought at the next meeting.


Membership: David said there has been no movement in membership and we still have 61 members.


Press Officer Report: Grecian Groups Forum 27th March 2012: Nick gave a presentation to the forum about what ECDSA does. It was very well received by all the groups present. We congratulated Nick on his excellent presentation, which represented very good PR for ECDSA.


AOB: Wheelchair for Hire: (Carried over from last meeting) the wheelchair, which had been damaged at a function at the club, has now been repaired by a shoe repairer, our thanks to Steve for getting this done. In the meantime, we have purchased a second wheelchair so we can now offer two wheelchairs for hire. We are one of a very few clubs who offers this service. David.J said he would like to investigate the possibility of keeping one of the wheelchairs on the Stagecoach stand side of the ground. The meeting agreed that it would be a good idea to do this.

50/50 Half Time Board: AG has got quotes for the purchase of a board to show the 50/50 draw results at half time of matches. David.J agreed to follow this up.

Most Improved Player Award: Nick said he will email members asking for their nominations for our annual award.

ECFC End of Season Dinner: It was agreed that Nick would go as our representative this year. Margaret said she would arrange the payment for his tickets with (DG).

Ground Redevelopment: ECDSA nominated representative to be carried forward to the next meeting.

Around the Table: LPF: Nick told the meeting that Jeanne Jones has been nominated for the Level Playing Fields volunteer of the year award for all the work she does for ECDSA and the football club. He said if we could have made two nominations, Colin Atkins would have been nominated also for his fundraising efforts,

May 5th: Nick said that (DL) from SUDSA has asked for extra disabled tickets on top of what was wanted for the match. Nick has advised the football club too not give him any more disabled tickets as the club has already gone beyond in what they do in selling away disabled tickets for our home matches.

AGM: Margaret asked about the date for the AGM. The date agreed was 4th July.


Next Meeting: Wed 6th June at 2.00pm


AGM: Wed 4th July at 7.00pm


Meeting Closed 3.55pm.