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(6) Minutes 01/02/12

Minutes of the meeting held on the 1st February 2012


Meeting opened at 14.07


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones, Steve Gazzard, Becky Devereux; Juanita & David Turner and Trevor Harwood.


Apologies: Paul Farley and Mark Devereux.


Minutes of last meeting: All were happy and they were duly signed off as correct.

Paul Farley has asked if we could send the minutes to him to hand to the Trust. It was agreed that we send a copy of the minutes that goes onto our website as the financial matters are removed.


Matters Arising: Disabled parking: Due to Denny’s workload and the inclement weather, we are still awaiting new lines to be painted in the car park. We hope the lines will be painted during the summer.

Radar Lock, Keys and Door notice: We have been informed that these keys now cost £*.** each, Trevor kindle donated one key to us and Margaret has a contact who will be able to supply further keys at a discounted price. David has placed the disabled notice on the toilet door but it is too high as there were a number of notices on the door. David J. to lower the notice as the other notices have now been removed.

Google documents: Owing to Nick’s commitments, he has not been able to work on the Google documents, which will enable all our committee members to see the ECDSA documents. To enable to facilitate this Jeanne to go round to Nick’s with her lap top to get this finally up and running.  

Disabled information leaflet: Margaret has offered to get quotes on the cost of having our leaflet printed. It will be cheaper than printing on personal printers and will look more professional. We all decided that we would not decide on how many until we hear what has been quoted. As it covers both sides of the page, we thought a loose A5 page of our membership form would be best to be included with the leaflet. Nick said he would send the format to Margaret for her information.

Ambassador: Nick has spoken to (SP) and his initial reply was that he was pleased to be asked but owing to other commitments at the moment, asked if he could leave his answer until the summer. He did ask what his duties would be. On contacting Level Playing Field, they informed Nick that they are still in the process of doing a description of what’s involved with being an ambassador making (SP) delay in replying welcome until we hear from them.

End of Season Reception: David reported that he had spoken to (JV) about the use of the Fountain Centre, which will be available for use then, but we do understand it is in a mess. David to see (JV) at the next home game to see if we are able to see the room and what is needed in the way of work. As there are two people talking to us we need to tie them down to what numbers there are coming and more important how many wheelchair bound fans. It was decided that Nick speaks to (DL) and Jeanne to (JI) who is Sheffield United DSA secretary to see if we can tie them down to numbers. With this information, we can speak to (JE), our Safety officer, who felt that he could make some changes to the away end to enable us to accommodate the extra wheelchair users.

FA Cup finals day: Trevor thought that as the FA Cup final is the same day as the last match of the season might mean that the time of the match may be altered. We agreed to look into this, as it will affect the timing of the reception.

Pitch in for City: At our last meeting, Colin raised the issue that we seem to get little coverage and received no acknowledgement for our donation of £*,***.** when the appeal was wound up. David and Jeanne mentioned this to (AB) as did Colin and Margaret and this has prompted a letter from (AC) to apologise for the omission of our name.

Articles: Colin raised the issue that it seems that we have sent 3 articles to be published in the match day programme and none of them have been printed. Margaret has to speak to the editor of the programme to see if this situation can be resolved as we still have a number of items to be put into it.

Level playing field weeks of action: Nick will report what we will be doing for the Level Playing Field weeks of action to the next Grecian Group forum and to add to this Nick will also show the presentation he prepared for the SW fans’ experience forum back in November, to be shown at the GGF in March.

Nick has spoken to (MW) who is involved with one game one community, as Nick has put forward an idea of giving a disabled child from an ethic minority group the opportunity to become a match day mascot at the Preston game on the 17th March sponsored by ourselves. Martin has informed us that they have a child in mind who is an autistic boy.

Margaret will see Cheggers (clubs photographer) to ask if we could have a photo of the mascot on the pitch. Nick will seek permission from the boy’s parents to have his photo put into an article, to be put on our website and in the clubs match day programme.


Financial report: Margaret gave us a breakdown of the monies raised from the draw. We sold **** tickets and a profit of £*,***.** was raised from the draw. The expenses were £***.** as we had a number of prizes donated. We have £*,***.** in the bank although we will hope to pay for some items when the ground is redeveloped, we are also aware that there may be items which we may want to purchase for the use of disabled fans.

A detailed breakdown of the accounts was shown to the committee.


Fundraising: Christmas draw: Colin added to Margaret’s report. Colin mentioned how pleased he was that we had done so well with this year’s draw, especially in the current financial climate.

Nick thanked Colin for his hard work in sorting out the draw again this year.

Colin has asked The Grange garage to arrange a photo of the winner of the ‘Jaguar for the weekend’ prize. We understand that it will be done so it will enhance the report for the programme. Margaret will add it to our appeal that our reports appear in the match day programme.

Mobile phones & Solar radios: Nick reported that we have been given a large amount of mobile phone accessories and solar radios from (JE) (ECFC Safety Officer) to sell. There are a number of boxes of solar radios in which Colin has offered to sell and arrangements have been made to get them to him. Margaret recommended that we get permission to sell the items on a match day, which should help boost our funds.


Membership: David J reported that we still have 61 members. A possible new member has been having problems with downloading our membership form from our website, Nick has checked and the form still downloads. Nick has emailed a membership form to the possible new member.


Press Officer: Grecian Group Forum: David J reported to the group that he and Jeanne attended the latest GGF and there was little reported from the groups. (JM) gave a report about the work the club is doing with the University students. They are assisting the club with IT and other projects, which, in addition to providing valuable work for the club, give the students, experience working in these fields, which will count towards their degrees. David J pointed out to (GG) (GGF Chairman) that the transcript omitted to add Nick’s apologies, and omitted to say Jeanne was there in his place.


A.O.B: Co-option: Nick raised the idea of us co-opting Trevor Harwood onto the committee. Trevor gave us a detailed and very important insight to his problems suffered by the loss of hearing and the issues around not hearing the numbers for the 50/50 draw. His input to our effectiveness to address his particular problems will be valued by the committee. Nick proposed that he be co-opted and Jeanne seconded it, all agreed.

Centre of Excellence: Jeanne gave us information about the Centre of Excellence upcoming Annual Ball on Friday 16th March at The Manor Hotel in Exmouth. Tickets cost £**.** per head for the evening.


Meeting closed 15.35


Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 4th April 2012, 2pm.