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(8) Minutes 06/06/12

Minutes of the meeting held on the 6th June 2012


Meeting opened at 14.05


Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; Juanita and David Turner and Trevor Harwood.


Apologies: Steve Gazzard and Paul Farley.


Minutes of last meeting: All were happy that they were correct and were duly signed off after discussion over matters arising.


Matters Arising: Disabled parking: We are regrettably still waiting for the new lines to be painted in the car park. NS has emailed CP to remind him and find out when they will be done.

Disabled leaflet information: This has now been checked and is ready to go to the printers. We have ordered 500 initially and will be putting one in with each disabled season ticket form. DJ informed us that the first week of August is when the club plan to send out next season tickets. NS thanked MA for her hard work in getting the leaflet to the printers.

50/50 Boards: DJ reported that the boards are not where he thought that they were, DJ will investigate. It could be that they are with the supporters club, NS asked JJ to ask CW where they are. We did order only one but there has been two made at a cost of £**.** each. We all agreed that, as our logo is on the boards we are all happy to pay for them.

It was mentioned that one could be used on the pitch and one on in Red Square or both in the pitch on different sides.

‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ 2011/12: The award was given to SB at the end of season ball. NS mentioned to BJ that SB was to receive the award and he said that SB very much appreciated receiving the award. NS, JJ and DJ presented the award to SB and there is a photo on our website.


Finance report: MA report detailed our current finances and we all had a copy of her report, which has just come back from SW as he kindly verified our accounts. We have a final yearly balance of £*,***.**. There are some items which have not gone into the accounts but they will appear on next year’s accounts. We all thanked MA for her hard work in preparing the accounts for SW.

MA raised the issue of ring fencing £*,*** for the club’s new build, which could be put into a high interest account, there was some discussion around this but it was decided that we discuss this after the AGM.


Fundraising: Mobile accessories: CA spent time with RH, TH brother trying to sell the mobile phone assessors which had been donated to us. In three hours he took the grand total of £**.**. At a coffee morning he took £*.**, 50% of which he gave to the fund who had allowed him to sell the items. It was all agreed that the time had come to give the items to Oxfam who have a policy of not refusing any items. They are a very big organisation so they have channels through which they can raise money from them.

Senior Reds: CA reported that the Senior Reds have reported in their meeting that they do not have any plans to raise funds leaving them to help other groups in their fundraising efforts. JJ mentioned that they have a large number of football programmes and NS suggested that they be given to the programme seller at the front of The Park building who could possibly sell them.


Membership: DJ reported that the renewals are in the process of going out at present, some people had already paid up and he was able to give the cheques to MA.

Limited edition badges: NS raised the issue that he had found a website that could produce 200 square button badges for £**.** (**p each). He felt that we could sell some of them but keep 50 back for new members. He needs a photo shop program to prepare our logo design for the printers. DG name was mentioned leaving NS to contact her.


Press Officer: SWDFEF: The latest forum was cancelled due to the failure of the lift at Yeovil Town, however the lift was repaired the morning of the meeting. It has now been decided to have the forums yearly at the early part of the season so any new staff in place could be involved. JN of Level Playing Field informed NS that the Football League would like to see the format rolled out across the country. CA felt it would be beneficial for other people to come to the next forum to see what has been achieved.

Sheffield United: NS has prepared a report that has been sent to AG detailing what went wrong for the disabled fans from Sheffield United. Arrangements had been worked out for them with special tickets issued giving details of what areas they should watch the game from. We had been told that, at a stewards meeting they were given details of how they were to be using the old dugouts and the tickets would give that information which were specially issued by AG. When some SU fans went to their correct area as per ticket they found that other fans were already there causing problems. NS spent a long time sorting out places for all. It would have not been a problem if they had been shown to the correct places when they entered the ground.

Our fan GH was not happy being in with SU fans so he moved from area 3 leaving it empty. NS was able to move some very unhappy fans into area 3 as their view was blocked by a camera man, who was unaware of his position affecting so many disabled fans. It was ironic that the filming of the game was being beamed back to their fans in Sheffield.

NS asked Jeanne to contact JI, who is both an official of Sheffield United DSA and Trustee of Level Playing Field, to send our apologies telling her we will contact her when we know what went wrong.


A.O.B: ECFC DLO: Following the problems that disabled fans experienced at the game with Sheffield United NS has decided to return to his position as the clubs Disability Liaison Officer. We all expressed our delight to hear he has taken the post up. It was also agreed that NS request for the club to assign a steward to look after disabled fans on match days and resolved any issues that arise.

Sponsored signed shirts: NS produced the shirts which we received as part of the player sponsorship. He offered them to us for a donation to ECDSA. BJ gave NS a shirt that was issued for the campaign to bring about bowel cancer awareness. NS offered this in return for a donation to ECDSA, TH was very happy to give a donation for the shirt and pin badge. Not all were taken up and it was decided to offer them at the AGM to see if any one there was interested.

ECDSA President Sponsorship: NS has spoken to BJ about continuing as our President. He has not at the moment signed up for next year and has said that if any one else would like to take on the role in the mean time he would be happy to resign in their favour. NS will wait until things are resolved before we commit to sponsoring any one.

Match day buddies: LPF has been given funding for their match buddies project. MW, who is the contact for us, is no stranger as she used to attend Exeter City matches with her grandfather. Both FF and MW are happy to set up a system for us here, the plan is to spread the buddies’ scheme county wide.

Ambassador: As SP is still unwell we felt that we should leave the issue at the moment.

Banging on roofs: Banging on the disabled area roofing at the front of the big bank is still an issue. NS has suggested that DT and JT tell the nearest steward of the problem. It was another reason why we should have a designated steward for disabled fans who would also know how the disabled areas are numbered so a repeat of the problems with the SU fans would not be repeated.

One game, one community: This year they will be highlighting Disability and Ability Counts are looking for collectors for their cause to help in their bucket collection in October.

Retained committee list: Committee members who are willing to stand for a further year are: Nick, Trevor, David T, Colin, Margaret, David J. and Jeanne. Juanita Turner would like to stand on the committee also.

A.G.M: To take place on the 4th July at 7pm and will be held in the Flybe Suite. NS will show his presentation of what we have achieved since our formation. It was agreed that we should investigate how much it would be to put on coffee/tea and biscuits.


Meeting closed at 3.20pm.


Date of the next meeting: To be arranged after the AGM on the 4th July 2012