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(2) 2010/11 AGM minutes

Minutes of the AGM for ECDSA held on the 6th July 2011

AGM opened at 7.12pm
Present: Nick Saunders; Steve Gazzard; Becky and Mark Devereux; Juanita and David Turner; Ruth Red; Roger Conway; Jeanne and David Jones; Paul Farley; Margaret and Colin Atkins.

Apologies: Angela and Denny Ellicott.


Minutes of the last AGM: were read and agreed as a true copy. MA proposed the motion and SG seconded. The motion was passed by all.


Chairman’s report: NS read a detailed report of the year’s activities. The report was proposed as a detailed report by CA who furthered offered a vote of thanks for all the work that NS had put in during the year and DT seconded the motion, agreed by all.


Financial Report: MA gave us all a detailed breakdown of the year’s financial records. SW had checked them for us and had signed them off. SG and DJ seconded them.

We have a balance of £*,***.** in the bank.

MA felt that we had done well to raise such an impressive amount. The subscriptions are on a par with the previous year and our Christmas draw, the bucket collection and our sale of the group badges went well, not forgetting the sale of old programmes, all of which helped us to raise funds despite the current financial climate in the country. These accounts were proposed as accepted by us all and JJ proposed a vote of thanks for all her hard work, agreed by all.

MA requested that we purchase a bottle of wine to say thank you to SW for he’s help in validating the accounts, this was agreed by all.


Redevelopment of the stadium: There was a preview of the new Stadium plans, which was more an exercise of showing what could be on the plans and it was more of a consultation exercise. RC felt it would be of benefit if one of our members is closely involved as the plans develop. CA brought up the point that as the planning rules take in consideration the needs of all disabled persons we know the club will maintain a sympathetic view of what we need. This point was also made by PF. It was felt that this is the case and we would, at a later date, identify a member of the committee to take on this position.


Grecian Groups forum: This was attended by NS and DJ and they found it a useful group, PF felt that this was a good medium for us to be involved in and hoped that the group will continue to be represented at the group meetings. Everyone agreed that this would be a good idea.


Election of Committee: This will take place at the next committee meeting on Tuesday 26th July at 7.00pm. We have had an impressive number of people who have put themselves forward to serve on the committee - These consist of Nick Saunders; David Jones; Becky Devereux; Mark Devereux; Jeanne Jones; Juanita Turner; Steve Gazzard; David Turner; Colin Atkins; Margaret Atkins.


A.O.B. Season ticket pricing: BD raised the issue of the rise of price of the season tickets. NS said that the rise has been due to the lower prices that have been charged in previous years for disabled people. The club has maintained a policy that should you need an assistant there is no charge for that assistant, this is still available for fans in all areas.

Season ticket letter: NS confirmed that a letter will be going out with all season tickets advising fans that there is help available for those who need it. This is in a form of a lift in The Park and a stair lift the other end of the Flybe. There is also a wheelchair available for those who find themselves temporarily in need of one, but we need them to let us know that help is required.


NS thanked all who attended and concluded that he will consult the club’s calendar with a view to booking a date for next year’s AGM in July 2012.


Date of next committee meeting: Wednesday 26th July 2011 at 7.00pm.