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AGM - 8th July 2009

Minutes of the AGM held on the 8th July 2009

 Meeting opened at 19.07

Present: Nick Saunders; Margaret & Colin Atkins; Jeanne & David Jones; Les Knight; Steve Gazzard; Alistair Young; Sue & Trevor Harwood.

Apologies given by: Bertie Cozic; Ian Jubb; Richard Knight.

Minutes of last AGM: The minutes were read and approved.
We all felt that they were correct but it was a year since the meeting they were correct in our memory.

Chairman’s Report: Nick in his role of chairman, welcomed everyone including our members from Dorchester.
His opening statement was to remark on how we had another successful year not only for us as an association but also for the club, with their promotion to league one we certainly had brought the club luck. Nick then continued to list what we had achieved during the year.
A short period of questions from the floor followed Nick’s report.
David Jones asked whether Bertie had agreed to continue his presidency of our group, he was assured that no resignation had been received from him and Colin confirmed that Bertie has sent us his subscription for the coming season which confirms his commitment to our group.

Finance report: As was discussed at the last meeting Margaret had given the accounts which were verified by Steve Williams and he was happy with them, he has completed this work at no charge to us.

Margaret gave a written breakdown of the finances in the form Steve Williams had prepared for us.
We have a total of £****.** in funds, which includes a total of £***.** to provide refreshments for the children who take part in the Soccer Sight activities. We have put aside £***.** towards the new roof on area 7. As the written report was self explanatory there were no questions put to it.

Election of the 2009/10 committee: Nick reported that it was sad that we had no replies from our membership requesting for more people to join the committee and we have sadly lost 3 of our committee but we do understand and Nick thanked them all for their hard work over the year.
The new committee will consist of Nick Saunders; Margaret and Colin Atkins; Steve Gazzard; David and Jeanne Jones. All voted on-block.

AOB: Nick felt he had nothing else to add and passed the option to the attendees to speak.
Trevor Harwood: Who had travelled from Dorchester and who has major hearing loss. He has an insight into the world of hearing loss having been able to hear previously, but now lives in the new world of hearing loss. He does try to come to football matches but it is a long way from Dorchester. He gave us a lot of easy solutions that could be done to help him and many other people with hearing loss. Such as the 50/50 which he can not take part in as he cannot hear the results, a board with the numbers on at the exit gate or even at half-time would solve this problem. Nick added that the supporters club used to have the results of the draw put onto a board and someone would walk around the pitch with this, Nick would ask the supporters club if they would bring back the results board.
Trevor then commented on the loss of the boards giving half-time scores, most fans would also benefit from that information. An electronic scoreboard would hopefully be on the plans for the redevelopment of the ground, which would be wonderful. However, he did say he has a good group of friends that help him to overcome many of his problems. Nick mentioned that there was talk of the Trust getting a visual score board but the cost of these are in excess of £**,*** which is a lot of money plus we could not afford this ourselves as were a small group, Nick did say he will look at basic screens and the possibility of us getting one.
Colin asked Trevor to let us know his thoughts and also to keep in touch with us. Alistair said his son was born deaf and he has no idea what the hearing world was like and does not miss what he has not known. However Trevor felt he would benefit from some of the simple things, which would improve his life as well.
Trevor did add he felt that there are more people with more problems than they are readily to admit too so these additions will benefit more people than we are aware of. He also suggested that we run an advert asking for people with hearing problems to let us know, so we can help them as well. Nick did point out that we have in the last year got a portable induction loop to help some of our hearing impaired supporters for use in the club shop and reception. 
We thanked Trevor for his valued input.

AGM closed at 19.55

Date of next meeting to be confirmed.