Next ECC meeting

The next ECC meeting will take place Thursday, December 6 at the ASEEES 2018 Convention in Boston, Mass.

About ECC

Established in 1993, the East Coast Consortium of Slavic Library Collections (ECC) helps to coordinate the activities of Eurasian area studies library collections located in the eastern United States and Canada. Currently, the ECC consists of twelve member institutions and includes ten universities and two research libraries.  Initially, meetings of the consortium offered a venue for discussing issues related to the state of post-Soviet publishing and the book trade, sharing information on dealer and exchange relationships in order to ensure that each library could continue to effectively acquire Slavic and Eurasian materials. 

More recently, ECC members have focused their efforts on the coordinated development of collections and services to make sure that students and scholars have access to a full range of materials from and about this world area.  Members work in concert with one another on the purchase of expensive resources including digital publications and microfilm sets.  In addition, they cooperate on serial retention projects as well as duplicate exchange programs. Through this type of coordination and cooperation each ECC member library can maximize its financial resources to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of their users.


Brown University Library | Collection Overview | Representative: Anna Arays

2CUL | Representative: Robert H. Davis

Columbia University Libraries | Collection Overview

Cornell University Library | Collection Overview

Dartmouth College Library | Collection Overview | Representative: John C. DeSantis

Duke University Libraries | Collection Overview | Representative: Ernest Zitser

Harvard Library | Collection Overview | Representative: Lidia Uziel

Library of Congress | Collection Overview | Representatives: Angela Cannon, Roman Yurchenko

New York Public Library | Collection Overview | Representative: Bogdan Horbal
New York University Libraries | Collection Overview | Representative: Alla Roylance

Princeton University Library | Collection Overview | Representative: Thomas F. Keenan (current chair, 2017-2019)

Seton Hall University Libraries | Collection Overview | Representative: Marta M. Deyrup (ex-officio)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries | Collection Overview | Representative: Kirill Tolpygo

University of Toronto Libraries | Collection Overview | Representative: Ksenya Kiebuzinski