The Elgin Community College Humanities Center encourages and fosters an understanding of the central importance of the humanities in all areas of academic and creative inquiry within a framework of diversity, global and international perspectives. It encourages discussion between scholars in the humanities and sciences to discover areas of common concern and interest while paying attention to the unique perspectives of each.  It seeks to engage scholars and community members in exploring the deepest questions of human concern across disciplinary boundaries with the goal of clarifying and pursuing some of life’s most perplexing problems.

  1. Encourage research, teaching and public awareness of issues related to ethical, aesthetic and humanistic values
  2. Consider the questions of ways in which the human being is interdependent with the environment, both social and natural
  3. Explore questions of human rights
  4. Encourage and present public forums and conferences on issues relevant to the humanities
  5. Sponsor performances, lectures and the study of humanistic concerns as depicted in world cinema and dance
  6. Sponsor research into and public forums on the relationship between the humanities, arts and religious understandings
  7. Sponsor research, public forums and conferences on the relationship between the humanities and the natural and social sciences
  8. Help students and scholars identify grant opportunities in the humanities
  9. Provide information to students and the general public about career opportunities in the humanities
  10. Provide a forum for the study of effective teaching methods in the humanities
  11. Provide teaching internship opportunities for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities
  12. Provide a venue for discussion of and research into questions of diversity, gender, racism, and sexism from individual, international and national perspectives

  1. To create a coherent and consistent forum for on-campus dialogues and presentations related to contemporary issues in the humanities
  2. To foster a spirit of free intellectual inquiry within the ECC community and the larger community which it serves
  3. To serve as an intellectual bridge for humanistic concerns between the residents of District 509 and the college community
  4. To broaden the scope of intellectual inquiry within the college and greater community by fostering international and diversity perspectives within the humanities
  5. To successfully pursue outside funding sources for programs in the Humanities through grants, as well as working with the ECC Foundation to secure private donations to the Center.