Ribs n Chicken

La Caja China Ribs -n- Chicken

1 slab of baby back ribs

1 whole chicken, cut in half

your favorite poulty/rib rub

24 lbs charcoal, kingsford is Matt's preferred brand

lighter fluid

Season the meat generously with the seasoning on both sides.

Place the meat on the grill rack, bone side up, place the cover over the box and add approx 16lbs of charcoal in two seperate piles and light. 

After 20 minutes, spread the coals evenly across the top. Your actual cooking time starts now.

After 45 minutes, lift up the top, flip the ribs and chicken. Replace cover. Add approx 8 more lbs of charcoil evenly across the top and continue cooking until internal temp of the chicken reaches 165 degrees.

If you want to sauce your  meat while still in the box, approx 10 minutes before the meat is done, sauce it. Otherwise, you can sauce it once you bring it inside.