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Carpenter Group in Summer 2013

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NameTitleYears at RTCE-mail
NameTitleYears at RTCE-mail
Heather Richard Graduate Student 2012 to present 
Kathryn Barretto Graduate Student 2013 to Present 
Roy Bartal Graduate Student 2012 to 2013 
Dr. Ina Benner Postdoctoral Researcher 2008 to 2012 
Michelle Drake Research Technician 2009 to 2010 
Dr. Stephane Lefebvre Postdoctoral Researcher 2008 to 2011 
Bridget Hansen RISE Fellow 2014 to Present 
Dr. Ed Carpenter Principle Investigator 2000 to Present 
Anna Costanza REU student 2014 Summer 
Andrew Kalmbach Graduate Student 2011 to Present 
Morgan Meyers Graduate Student 2012 to Present 
Joelle Tirindelli Research Technician 2003 to 2013 
Kristine Okimura SFSU lecturer 2009 to 2013 
Les Nagy Graduate Student 2014 to Present 
Daniel McGovern Cox Graduate Student 2014 to Present 
Alison Fisher Graduate Student 2014 to Present 
Showing 16 items