If you have a textbook or access code, you'll need to access it through the eCampus site.  Follow the instructions below to get your code.

1.  Click here or go to https://ancilla.ecampus.com.

2.  Click the Login button under My Account.

3.  If you know your login information for your eCampus account, log in and skip to step 4.  If not, click Forgot my password.  Use your Ancilla email account (first name.last name@ancilla.edu) to trigger a password reset.  Check your Ancilla email, reset your password, then login and continue to step 4.

4.  Click on Digital Bookshelf.  If the code is to access an eBook, there will be a grey box that says Access Card Only, or it will be a picture of the eBook.  Underneath, there will be an orange button that says Register, Activate, or similar.  Click the button to reveal the access code.  If the code is for Hawkes or software access instead of a book, it will have Access Code with the code itself after it.  Please see the screenshot for an example.

5.  You may have to register the code in a site off eCampus, such as Cengage, Hawkes, Davis, Evolve, or some other company.  You may need to set up an account with these companies before you can register your product.  Please contact your instructor if you aren't sure where to register a code.