emBRACE Teaching and Training Materials
This online resource provides selected teaching and training materials (such as powerpoint slides and links to videos) from the emBRACE Project (www.embrace-eu.org) for those studying, researching or working in community disaster resilience. 

For more information on the emBRACE Project go to the About and Consortium pages. They are part of the emBRACE Handbook (https://sites.google.com/site/embracehandbook/) and reflect the development of ideas over the four year period of the project; they have not been edited post hoc. The Handbook is an interim collection prior to the publication by Wiley of a fully revised and reviewed, edited book of the emBRACE scientific outputs: Framing Community Disaster Resilience: resources, capacities, learning and action (Deeming, Fordham, Kuhlicke and Kunath, expected publication 2016).

As with the emBRACE Resilience Handbook, this resource is structured under similar headings:
  • Concepts
  • Methods
  • Case Studies
For Tools & Resources, go to the emBRACE Resilience Handbook which is where you will also find longer articles ro reports. Here you will find a small selection of the presentations that emBRACE Partners have made over the lifetime of the project. Please use and adapt them under Creative Commons conditions and please also acknowledge the source -
the emBRACE Project.
Thank you
Please use and adapt the materials here under Creative Commons conditions and please also acknowledge the source -

 Go to the main emBRACE site here: www.embrace-eu.org 

Go to the emBRACE Resilience Handbook here:  https://sites.google.com/site/embracehandbook/

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