This is where you can find updates and corrections related to my e-book. Time permitting, I plan to send out revised electronic copies once or twice a year to correct or clarify things as needed. In the meantime, any fixes will be listed here.


Clarifications & Tips:


There’s a helpful tip in the Ultimate E.B. NCP instructions that I probably should have also included in the instructions for the E.B. Switch. It’s at the top of page 51, and is the part about potentially using your right hand’s fingers as a guide.


Sometimes you may find yourself performing in quiet environments or with less than ideal paper. In such cases, depending on the read technique, sound may be an issue when trying to open a billet on the sly. To overcome the problem, try strategically pattering to cover any noises you would prefer went unheard.


So far, no one has reported any difficulties with the two refold switches. However, just in case, there is a tip from technique # 8 that you may (or may not) find useful. The tip can be found in the first paragraph on page 59. That same automatic reflex might help some folks with first part of the refold switches. I figure it’s definitely worth mentioning.


The Fortune Telling Game – If you plan on using the Clip Switch for this effect, you have the option to use just one clip. After the participant makes his selection, you simply place a paper clip on it as a marker.


Additional Credits Required (also known as “oops”):


Positively Mental – On December 4, 2006, someone mentioned (in an unrelated board discussion) that a similarly themed effect exists in an old issue of Magick. I don’t yet know the issue or author, but will attempt to track it down for a credit. I would also like to see if it is possible to convince (a.k.a. beg) the author of the Magick article to contribute his handling for my book. As of 12/7/08, I have not yet been able to get my hands on this effect.

Add An Add A Number – 3/24/07 - I just noticed a fairly similar routine in Mainly Mental, the 1947 classic by C.L. Boarde. I guessed a missed it on my previous perusals of that book. There are, however, some important differences between the two routines. For example, my routine uses a slightly different modus operandi than the one presented in Boarde’s book. That way, the prediction can be in full view for the entire effect. There are also some presentational differences. In Mainly Mental, Boarde does not name the original creator of the effect. Hopefully, I will eventually discover his identity, so I can note it here.

Back from the Dead - 12/7/08 - I was just informed by two sources that the late Peter Warlock published a Dead Name Duplication effect, called What’s in a Dead Name, using an eraser in a similar manner to the way I came up with for Back from the Dead. The Warlock routine appears to have been first published in a 1947 book called Patterns for Psychics and later in The New Pentagram. I have not seen the routine, but my sources are extremely reliable. Therefore, credit for using an eraser in a Dead Name Duplication effect officially goes to Peter Warlock.

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