See PDF below for a full (but probably not up to date) version of the CV.

2009-2013        Ph.D. Mathematics, The Weizmann Institute of Science. Advisors: Itai Benjamini and Noam Berger. 

2007-2008        M.Sc. Mathematics, Hebrew University. Advisor: Raz Kupferman.

2003-2006        B.Sc. Physics and mathematics, Hebrew University.

2015-                 Assistant professor, Texas A&M University.
2013-2015         Hedrick Assistant Professor, UCLA.
Summer 2013     Postdoc fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science.
2011-2012         Lecturer in The Weizmann Institute of Science. Course: Stochastic Analysis. 
2008-2009         Teaching assistant in the Einstein institute of mathematics, Hebrew University. 
2007-2008         Grading exercises in the Einstein institute of mathematics, Hebrew University.
2000-2003         IDF Military service.

2018-2019      Sao-Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)-TAMU Sprint grant.
2018-2021      NSF grant DMS-1812009.
2018-2019      NSF conference grant DMS-1800740. (Joint with David Kerr, Gilles Pisier and William Johnson)
2018                Simons Mathematics and Physical Sciences Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians (Withdrawn because of NSF award).
2018-2019      WIS-TAMU joint grant.
2014                NSF grant DMS-1407558. (Joint with Marek Biskup, UCLA)
2008                Klein award for excellent research students in mathematics and science.
2007-2008       Full scholarship given by the Einstein institute of mathematics, Hebrew University.
2003                Tuition scholarship given by the Hebrew University.

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