Using OverDrive & Sony E-Readers

If you will be downloading e-books from a library that uses OverDrive, also known as the Digital Media Catalog, you must install Adobe Digital Editions first.

  1. After installing Adobe Digital Editions, find an e-book in your library's Digital Media Catalog. Be sure there is an available copy for you to download:
    Overdrive Brief Results - Availability

  2. Check to be sure you can read it on your e-reader
    Overdrive Brief Results - Format

  3. Click "Add to Cart:"
    Overdrive Brief Results - Add to Cart

  4. At this point, you can either "Continue Browsing" to add more e-books to your cart, or "Proceed to Check Out" to download your e-books.
  5. Hint: Your ebooks will stay in the Cart for only 30 minutes before disappearing.
  6. Overdrive Continue Browsing

  7. When you are ready, "Proceed to Checkout."

  8. You may be asked to choose your library.
    Choose home library

  9. Type your library card number and click the "Sign In" button:
    Overdrive Sign In Screen

  10. Look over the details; click "Confirm Check Out" button:
  11. Hint: You may be able to choose your lending period. Overdrive - Confirm Checkout Screen

  12. On the final screen, click the "Download" button; the e-book should download to your Adobe Digital Editions program:
    Overdrive - Download Screen

  13. Adobe Digital Editions should automatically open when you download from your library; if not, you can:
    1. Drag the file onto the open Adobe Digital Editions window
    2. Right click on file; choose "Open with . . . "; browse to Adobe Digital Editions
    Screenshot of Adobe Digital Editions

  14. Be sure you are in "Library View" by clicking on the icon with 3 books in the upper left:

  15. Connect your e-reader to your computer so that you see it listed in the "Bookshelves" area
    Bookshelves in Adobe Digital Editions

  16. Drag and drop the e-book's cover to the name of your e-reader device; the transfer will take a few seconds. It should then be ready to read on your e-reader. (To drag and drop, click and hold your left mouse button on the e-book's cover, drag your mouse to the name of your e-reader and let your mouse button up.)
    Transfer from Adobe Digital Editions to ereader

  17. Disconnect your e-reader from your computer. Your e-book should now be ready to read on your e-reader.

Finish your e-book early? You can return it before its due date.