Using OverDrive & Apple Devices

If you will be downloading e-books from a library that uses OverDrive, also known as the Digital Media Catalog, to your iPad or other Apple device, you must install the OverDrive Media Console first. As part of this installation, you must have or create an Adobe ID.

  1. Go to the App Store, find and download the Overdrive Media Console app:
    Hint: You will need an iTunes account to use the App Store.
    OverDrive App in iOS App Store

  2. Open the app and authorize it by signing in using your Adobe ID. If you do not have one, create this free ID using a valid email address before you go further.
    Sign in for iOS

  3. Press the "Get Books +" button in the top right corner:
    Get Books on iOS

  4. Press "Add a Library:"
    Add a Library in iOS

  5. Search for your library and select it.
    Search for a library - iOS

    Choose a Library - iOS

  6. Click on the star to save it as a favorite.
    Add star to library - iOS

  7. Select the library. You will be redirected to the library's OverDrive digital catalog.
    Library's OverDrive digital catalog

  8. Search for your title through the "browse" or "search" buttons at the top left. Check that the title is in the format you need and that the format is available to be checked out.
    NOTE: Adobe EPUB is the standard format for the OverDrive app. You must download the separate Kindle app to use Kindle e-books.
    Search or browse for e-books - iOS

  9. Find the format you want; press the "add to your eBookbag" button directly to the right of the correct format.
    Add to eBookbag - iOS

  10. Press the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
    Proceed to checkout - iOS

  11. Log in using your library card number and PIN.
    Log in to library - iOS

  12. Press the "Confirm Checkout" button.
    Confirm check-out - iOS

  13. Press the "Download" button.
    Download - iOS

  14. The e-book will automatically download to your OverDrive library.
    Downloads to OverDrive library - iOS
  15. Open and enjoy!
    Open e-book - iOS

Finish your e-book early? You can return it before its due date.