Return an E-book Early (Apple)

FYI - You only need to "return" an e-book if you want to return it early. If you keep it for your entire checkout period, the e-book will return itself.

E-books from OverDrive have a checkout period just like printed materials in libraries do. The big difference, however, is that you do not have to return the e-books - they just disappear from your e-reader. How do they do this? Using a technology called Digital Rights Management (DRM).

But what if you'd like to return an e-book on an iPad or other Apple device early? The e-book must be deleted from your device.

  1. Open your Overdrive Media Console app on your iPad or iPhone. In your OverDrive library, press the plus (+) sign to the right of the title you want to return.
    Return e-book - iOS

  2. Press the "Return then Delete" button.
    NOTE:  "Return then Delete" will return the e-book to the library and delete it from your device;  "Delete only" will delete the e-book from your device, but will not return it to the library until the checkout period expires.
    Return then delete

NOTE: To return Kindle e-books, follow the directions for returning a book with a Kindle device or a Kindle app.