Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg includes primarily public domain e-books which are available to download in multiple formats.

  1. Go to Project Gutenberg.

  2. You can find e-books in primarily three ways:
    • Search the book catalog in the upper left of the page
    • Browse the book catalog or book categories in the upper left of the page
    • Click on one of the book covers
    Project Gutenberg Home

  3. Find an e-book by searching or browsing the catalog. When you click on an e-book title, you should see a page about that e-book. You should have two options:
    • Read This Book Online - click this link to read the e-book on your computer
    • Download This eBook - choose the format you can use on your e-reader; click on that link and the file will be downloaded to your computer. Connect your e-reader to your computer and copy the e-book file to your e-reader as you normally would.
      Project Gutenberg Formats