The e-books in HathiTrust include parts of the Open Library and Google Books collections. In addition, the partners in HathiTrust include their own digital collections. Depending on the status of the e-book, you may not be able to download the entire book.

  1. Go to the HathiTrust website.

  2. There are 3 major ways to use this site:
    • Catalog Search - This is the traditional library-type search. You can do a keyword, Google-type search, or search by specific information, e.g., title, author, subject, ISBN/ISSN, publisher, series title, year of publication.
    • Full-text Search - this will search the text of the books on the site
    • Collections - Users of the site can create their own collections of books on the site. This link allows you to see those that are publicly-available.

  3. Type a word or phrase in the Catalog Search. Check the "Full View only" box so we find only whole, not partial, e-books. Click Find.
    HathiTrust Search

  4. You should see a listing of titles that match your search. On the left side, you can reduce the number of results by clicking on the words or phrases that help you focus on the e-books you want:
    HathiTrust Limiters

  5. Once you find a book in the listing you'd like to read, click on the "Full View" link:
    HathiTrust Full View

  6. You should now see the cover of the book and arrows so that you can read the book on your computer.
    HathiTrust Book

  7. On the left side, look under the "Get this Book" section. This will tell you what your options are for downloading this book. If you see "Download PDF - whole book," you can download the entire e-book by clicking on the link. The file will download to your computer. Connect your e-reader to your computer and copy the file to your e-reader as you normally would do.