Google Books

Google Books includes e-books on almost any topic. Depending on the copyright status of the e-book, you may be able to download it or see just snippets of it. You also may see links to purchase the e-book or find a physical book in a library.
  1. Go to the Google Books website. If you have a Google account, you can personalize your use of this site, but it is not required.

  2. You should see cover art for books and magazines, separated by category. Some of these will be free, but most will not. To find the free e-books, you must first do a search:
    Google Books Welcome Screen

  3. On the next screen, you should see a list of your results. Scroll down the left side until you see "Free Google eBooks." Click on this link:
    Google Books Choose Free E-books

  4. Once you choose "Free Google eBooks," you should see this at the top of your results until you change it:
    Google Books Confirm Free E-books

  5. Continue to search using the "Free Google eBooks" limiter until you find an e-book you'd like to read. Click on it's title. You should see the cover of the e-book and the ability to read it on your computer.

  6. To download this e-book, find the link in the upper left that says "EBOOK - FREE:"
    Google Books - Get Free Ebooks

  7. You should now see your options for downloading:
    Google Books - Ebook Selections

  8. Note that the link to download the e-book is at the bottom of this window; in this case, it is available in the pdf format. The other links help you decide whether this format will work on your e-reader. 

  9. Click on the "Download" link and the e-book file will download to your computer. Connect your e-reader to your computer and copy it to your e-reader as you normally do.