Download Using Android Device

  1. If you don't have one yet, create an Adobe ID.

  2. Go to the Android Market from within your device. Search for "OverDrive" to find the app called "OverDrive Media Console." There is no charge for the app.  It will allow you to download e-books in the EPUB format and e-audio in the MP3 format.
    Android Marketplace
    Android Overdrive App

  3. After the app is installed, you should see an audiobook called "Welcome to Overdrive Media Console.”

  4. Press the menu button for this app; select “App Settings.”
    Android App Settings

  5. Find the "eBook Options" section. Enter your Adobe ID and password and click "Authorize."

  6. To start downloading e-books or e-audio, click the menu button of your device. In the menu that pops up, select “Get Books.”
    Android App Settings

  7. Select "Add a Library." The OverDrive app must know which library you will use to download e-books.
    Add a Library

  8. Either type a zip code or browse to find your library or branch name. Find your library

  9. Once you find your library, click on the star next to the library so your app will remember it

  10. Click on the name of the Digital Media Catalog so you can browse and find e-books to download.
    Note: While browsing the catalog on your mobile device, please be aware that you will only be shown the compatible titles for your device. You will not see the titles that cannot be downloaded to your device.

  11. Once you find a title, check it out as you would other e-books. For a refresher, follow steps 3-8 from "Download from OverDrive."

  12. Download the title that you have checked out. To access titles you have previously checked out, click on the link for “My Digital Account” and select “My eBookshelf.”
    Download ebook

  13. Once you select “Download”, you will be asked to choose the application to use. Choose the OverDrive Media Console app and the download will begin.

  14. Once the download is finished, your OverDrive app should be open to your bookshelf. Select the title and it should open for you.
    Overdrive App Bookshelf for Android

  15. While reading the title, press the menu button and select “Reader Settings” to see settings that may enhance your reading experience, e.g., changing the font, color, and font size.
Christine Peterson,
Mar 22, 2012, 11:57 AM
Christine Peterson,
Mar 22, 2012, 11:57 AM