Using OverDrive & Kindles

  1. Find an e-book in your library's Digital Media Catalog. Be sure it states "Kindle Book" and there is an available copy for you to download: Finding Kindle ebooks in Overdrive
    Note: all Kindle books are available via USB (download to your computer), but not all are available via WiFi. If it is available just via USB, you see this message under "Kindle Book:"
    Kindle via USB message

  2. Click "Add to Cart:"

  3. At this point, you can either "Continue Browsing" to add more e-books to your cart, or "Proceed to Check Out" to download your e-books.
    Hint: Your e-books will stay in the Cart for only 30 minutes before disappearing.

  4. When you have found the e-books you want, click "Proceed to Checkout."

  5. You may be asked to choose your library.
    Choose Library in Overdrive

  6. Type your library card number and click the "Sign In" button:

  7. Look over the details; click "Confirm Check Out" button:
    Hint: You may be able to choose your lending period.

  8. On the Download screen, click the "Get for Kindle" button:

  9. At this point, you will be transferred to the Amazon website. Click on the "Get library book" button:
    Get Library Book button

  10. Log in with the Amazon email address and password: Logging into the Amazon website

  11. Using the drop-down menu, choose which device or application you wish to use; then click the Continue button:
    Deliver to

  12. Click the "Download Now" button. If you have WiFi on your Kindle and it is turned on, your ebook should download directly to your Kindle; if not turned on, the e-book will download the next time you do connect to WiFi. If you do not have a Wifi Kindle, the e-book file should start downloading to your computer. This may take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection.Download Now

  13. Once the e-book file is downloaded, you will receive a confirmation screen from Amazon. If you downloaded to your computer, it will include the final steps needed to move the file to your Kindle:
    Confirmation of file download from Amazon

    1. If asked, save the file to your computer:
      Kindle Save to

    2. Connect your Kindle to the computer. Not all Kindle devices come with a USB cord that allows you to connect your Kindle to your computer. If it does not, you can purchase it as an accessory.

    3. Copy the e-book file to the "documents" folder in your Kindle
      Save to Kindle documents folder

    4. Disconnect your Kindle from the computer

    5. Click your Kindle's Home button

    6. On your Kindle, scroll to the e-book; press the center of the 5-way controller

    7. Start reading on your Kindle