Installing Adobe Digital Editions

To read many e-books from libraries, you must install Adobe Digital Editions on your e-reader.
  1. Create an Adobe ID; if you have already done this, skip this step

  2. Go to the Adobe Digital Editions web page

  3. Click on "Adobe Digital Editions Installer" button halfway down the page: Install Adobe Digital Editions button

  4. Follow the steps to install the software:

    • If you are asked to allow this program (digitaleditions.exe) to make changes to your computer, click "Yes."

    • To create a shortcut on your Desktop, check "Desktop Shortcut" during installation:
      creating desktop shortcut during installation

    • Save the program to the default folder location; click "Install."
      setting folder location during installation

  5. After installation, you should see an icon for Adobe Digital Editions on your Desktop:
    Desktop Icons for Adobe Digital Editions

  6. Double-click this icon to open the program

  7. You will be asked to activate the program; use the Adobe ID you created earlier

  8. After activation, the program should be ready to use