Watch Our Book Grow

Note: We received a slew of new entries in the 24 hours leading up to the closing of submissions on September 15. We're adding them into the chapters below as often as we can, but if yours doesn't appear yet, we'll try to get it up in the next week. If you're concerned, email Kristin at font [at] umich [dot] edu.

On this page, we'll try another experiment. Every week or so, we'll try to add new submissions to each section's Google Doc. The sections' order and the ordering within each section may change, and there may be modest edits made, but we hope this will be a fun way for folks to watch the book develop over time.

Oh - and if you see glaring errors, will you let us know by emailing font [at] umich [dot] edu? Thanks!

Front matter - to come

Editor's introductions - to come



Last updated Friday, September 16, 1pm.