Unto the Last Generation

Unto the Last Generation

Book Title :Unto the Last Generation

Three generations ago, the world collapsed in an ecocatastrophe a collapse brought on by overpopulation and violence. The survivors descendants inherited a poisoned world. Those few who eke out an existence have no memory of the glory days, no knowledge of a world rich in people, technology, and wildlife. But the dead remember . . . Before the collapse, people were downloading their minds into solarpowered gravestones. Most of them endure. Some are even sane. And in a world where darkness and ignorance have enveloped everything and everyone, these sentient tombstones may be mankinds only hope for survival. . . . . . . nonstop adventure mixed with dire 'if this goes on. . .' extrapolations given a chilling verisimilitude. . . . Bruce Canwell, Tomorrowsf

Author(s) :Thomas A. Easton (2000)

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