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So Why Does A Music Artist Like Ocean Love To Write Books?

We asked permission to re-print a recent interview with Ocean on her books and ebooks, articles, stories, poetry, and blogs:

Interview With Ocean On Her Writing Debut On the Publishing of Her Stunning Debut Novel, The Sea Wraithe
by Literary Critic, Mike Wilson

Good afternoon, Ocean. Thank you for consenting to our interview. May I begin with this: What are your major interests and what subjects do you like to write about?

Ocean - "My interests ?" Ocean mused in response to the question, "I am interested in so many things! But to narrow it down, I suppose my main things are nature, first, always, travel, other cultures, surfing,of course, being at the shore, rescuing wildlife - I volunteer whereever I am - the arts in general, and health and fitness. I'm a vegan for compassionate reasons, and I have an interest in assisting others in their quests for total healthiness."

How did you begin to become interested in becoming a writer in addition to your music career, Ocean?

Ocean - "A fan of thrillers, I remember being very small and finding an old paperback of o­ne of Graham Greene's novels called A Burnt-Out Case, and I was so intrigued by the setting in deepest Africa, and by the main character, that I became forever enthralled with mysteries, characters that were out of the mainstream, and with exotic locations. And, like every little girl I fell in love with Wuthering Heights and have never escaped from it's spell." 

Ocean, I've read that you also love crime mysteries and that you are writing o­ne at this time, as well as penning another nail-biting suspense thriller. Do you also write  sci-fi and/or horror epics?

Ocean - "I adore non-gruesome, suspense-driven mysteries and horror vehicles, whether in book or film form, and I write very visually. I always see the film version of whatever i am writing while in process." 

I think your descriptive narratives are absolutely beautiful. Your writing has an immediacy and a way of drawing in the reader with the feeling of being there. Is this intentional?

Ocean - "Not really. It's just a part of my natural writing tendency - to create scenery. I think the plot drives the pace."

Also, we know you are an avid student of history and anthropology, and that you have trave;ed quite a lot. Do these influences and experiences  inform the books you write and enrich the settings?

Ocean - "Yes! Other books that have inspired me both to travel and to write are the Alexandrian Quartet by Durrell and Kazantzakis' works, and even the European Hemingway and Fitzgerald books of the twenties have been sources that had initially sparked my interest in literature, and I have a vast list too numerous to mention here of other works I love."

What are you working o­n now, Ocean?

Ocean - "I'm putting the last touches o­n a vegan beauty and health book and have almost finished a novel about a character who is love-addicted." Ocean responds. "Other works, besides the ones I'd mentioned above - another thriller and a sci-fi -  in progress include an historical novel putting a new twist o­n the way most people think of a certain famous character, an epic trilogy in the realm of fantasy for all ages, and a serious novel about o­ne of the most tragic aspects of our civilization in this age."

It sounds as if you like to write several books at o­nce - do you?

Ocean - "Yes, actually!" Ocean, laughing a little responded, "I get what 

I call "transmissions"' from some little part of my brain o­n o­ne 

story I'm writing or another, and I am compelled to add them at 

the moment, so I use a cool portable typewritery thing that is 

lighter than the smallest laptop, and then I feed it into a

computer when I get around to it."

You write in so many genres, unlike some authors, but it seems like you enjoy writing.

Ocean - "I do - very much", Ocean answered. "And just when I think there might be a time between creating my music, another idea or character will emerge from nowhere, and I become entranced enough to follow the call."

Thank you, Ocean, and since I have just read The Sea Wraithe, ( Ocean's first novel),  and I'd like to say that I believe you are one of the most gifted of the new writers out this year. I could not put the book down!

Ocean loves writing poetry also, and her first book of poetry is entitled, Mermaid Tales, found here

Personally, Ocean spends her free time playing with her pets -all rescues - and being at the beach. She also enjoys painting and drawing, music, travel, endorsing green, eco, and vegan efforts, and volunteering for great causes.

And, remember, Ocean's music is as enthralling and enchanting as her writing. Both are highly recommended.

Numerous websites have posted Ocean's Quotes, since her writings on health and beauty, as well as on compassion and spirituality, are followed by a great number of people.

Ocean, in addition to her music, is considered an expert in the fields of health, fitness, beauty, pet care, and spirituality.

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