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Ocean writes articles on a number of subjects, and is considered an expert in the fields of veganizing, of health and fitness, beauty, style, on animals and wildlife rescue, pet care, and on spirituality. Ocean's interest in world history, anthropology, and psychology, as well as mythology from many cultures, plus her own world travel, has given her a unique perspective to draw upon in her writing.

As the author of several books, in both fiction and non-fiction, Ocean's enjoyment of writing makes her articles fun as well as informative. Ocean also writes in several genres, from suspense thrillers to fantasy, mythic adventure books, and her sea stories are suitable for younger readers, who especially enjoy them. 

Among Ocean's helpful themes are her own system of wealth attainment, grief counseling, and articles o n spirituality.

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Ocean Projects - Ocean's Projects

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Ocean's Current Projects Include Film Production:

Ocean is producing some philanthropic and informative projects and invites people who are interested in widlife and in saving our environment for the future to join with her in making sure these new projects get produced immediately. There is a great need for these beautiful films.

Ocean's Project For Wildlife Film Shorts

Ocean, who uses only her first name in the arts, is a singer, a songwriter, and a producer, as well as a writer and artist. She is well acquainted with saving our environment, green living, and ecology, and, being a vegan, with health and fitness. She volunteers to rescue wildlife, and has a compassionate interest in improving conditions for everyone.

Ocean's devotion to health, green and eco causes, and her compassion for all animals has led her to become vegan. 

She has assisted many people in learning more about healthy ways of living, in addition to volunteering to help rescue wildlife.

Ocean’s primary project now is about public service short films featuring wildlife:

Her songs about various animal groups will be played behind beautiful footage of actual wildlife in their own habitats. She will donate copies of these works to various channels, as film shorts, in order that they be available for fill-in spots, which all TV channels and film channels desire - especially PBS and other community stations, as well as schools and other institutions, who seek quality educational and inspiring films. The purpose is to spotlight the beauty and grace of our world and its’ wildlife and to show people just how precious and rare and uniquely precious each specie is.

Ocean would like to share her ideas with Angel Investors who would also like to bring attention to the need for conserving our wildlife and our wild places.

As a producer, Ocean has learned to be judicious and economical with funding, and how to be a leader who can bring a project together in an efficient and concise manner.

Ocean has many more entrepreneurial ideas to explore of ways to help people, our environment, and our world in general.

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