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Read Ocean's new horror thriller - Just Released ! - and leave the lights on!"

The Anxiously Awaited Debut of Ocean's Novel, 
The Sea Wraithe, Is Here! The Paranormal Romantic Epic!

"Emily Bronte Meets Stephen King !"
- Marjorie Kramer, Review Nation

Ocean's new novel, The Sea Wraithe, is a nail-bitingly intense suspense thriller novel of obsession set in the surfing community of Malibu, California, in the late eighties, when surfing had just begun to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

"Surprisingly cerebral, a psychotic march through Shamansitic spells to the remembrance of original sin. Poetic, rhythmic, as one might expect from a music artist, soulful and cosmic. A murder mystery within an otherworldly, subconscious adventure in horror. Malibu Gothic. Everyone will love it." - New Horror Review

It's anti-hero, the protagonist-antogonist combined, is a character you will never forget - like Emily Bronte's Healthcliff, (if he'd been a pro surfer),  and his role - when this book becomes a movie - is one any leading actor will die to play.  The ultra-shocking, thoroughly unexpected and  controversial ending will have you talking about it for years !, For More About Ocean

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From an Interview With Ocean on Her Writing:

"Along with my music career, I write for film.
That is, I write my books with a cinematic vision in my head, and, being a Hollywood type myself, I suppose that's only natural.

The books I've written already include several that are aimed at the cinema, at the film-going audience, as well as being perfect for the readers-only crowds.
A singer, first, and songwriter, I like to spend time between things writing, and on a whim, I decided to see If I could complete a book in ten days, and I did it! And then something peculiar happened - I liked it!
For some reason, the writing itself became another avocation, and vocation, since it brings me money, and I find the process of opening the floodgates and allowing characters to build themselves, plots to meander, and ideas to charge like light shows inside my head to be an addictive thing - it's fun!
As a huge fan of Steven King, thrillers, suspense, mystery, and horror, I've written mostly books, so far, in that genre. In fact, since I jones for scary movies, and franky, those are the only ones I race to the theatre to see, like on the day they open, I write books of films I want to see!
There are several other genres, also cinematic, that I write in, including fantasy, and I really love thining about the way these books will translate o�nto film!
Also, historical novels, with larger-than-life characters I've admired and want to explain to the world better than their biographers have done - and a chick novel or two, but mine have rad twists that others won't have, due to my own life experiences, that tend to be weird and expansive. I've traveled a lot, and this adds to everything I create."