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Why eBooks?

Some people like the feel of a paper book in their hands, but many readers now own eReaders (electronic readers), or android tablets.  These devices are relatively inexpensive.  Once a master copy is produced an eBook (electronic book, digital kook or kindle book) is very low-cost to manufacture, and so they are sold at a much cheaper prices than paper books.  This is very popular with readers.  Purchasing an eBook is very simple and convenient as the shopper can simply download books online.  These downloadable books are your in an instant: no more trips down town to the bookshop.  Some eBooks can have the size of their print adjusted to suit the tastes and vision of the reader.  Some eReaders can even change the fonts at the whim of the reader.  One small eReader can contain hundreds of books: ideal for students, changeable readers and those with limited storage space.

Are there different eBook formats and different eReaders?

Yes!  There are AZW3, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, TXT, RTF, LRF, PDB, LIT and FB2, to name just some, each having their own features and capabilities.  Yes!  Different eReaders have different capabilities.  Some eBooks can only be read on particular eReaders (AZW3 on the Kindle, LRF on the older version of the Sony Reader and PDB on the Palm Pilot).  Also different eShops sell different eBook formats.  Raymond Mathiesen eBook Conversion Service produces all the formats mentioned above. It also produces a Word document formatted according to Smashwords specifications suitable for their own eBook conversion service.  Beyond this Raymond Mathiesen eBook Conversion Service also produces a HTML version of your book useful to other self-publishers businesses.  If you require an eBook format not listed above ask us and we may well be able to help you.

Don’t Amazon, Smashwords and other self-publisher businesses provide their own free eBook conversion services?

Yes, however, are you computer literate?  Do you have a technical mind?  Do you have the time and patience to struggle with technology, often taking multiple attempts to get it right?  Would you rather be writing books?  eBook conversion is not easy and self-publisher services like Amazon and Smashwords require you to perform the conversion.  The Smashwords process is in fact so complicated that they publish a whole guide book on the subject.  Raymond Mathiesen eBook Conversion Service takes the nightmare out of your life.  What is more, you are provided with a range of eBooks suited to the requirements of different eShops if you choose to market through more than one source (e.g. both Smashwords and Amazon).

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