Mr & Mrs


April 5, 2008

 Words cannot express the elation I felt on this day.  Marrying your best friend and biggest fan is something that I never really thought would happen.  This whole engagement and planning period has reinforced the addage that "With God ALL things are possible..."   God blessed us every step of the way.  He put angels in our path to help us move past any and all obstacles that surfaced!

April 5, 2008 was hands down the best, most exhilarating and exhausting day of my life (I haven't had kids yet).  It was so great to have our families all come in from different parts of the country to witness our commitment to one another. 

My husband, family and friends made the celebration, I just wanted everyone to have a good time.  Like I said marrying "the one" for me...has been a dream come true!   Here are some pics to help paint a picture of what I was blessed enough to experience!!!!


And two shall become one...


Pro-Pics (A Few Before Retouch)


One thing I can say about the day is I had a blast.  I laughed all day!!!  It was super fun!!!! 

This is the type of silliness that went on the whole weekend.

My brother came through big time.  He was our super Usher and escorted the mothers and Q's grandmothers down the aisle.  I love him to death! 




Non-Pro Pics...See the day as it unfolds.
















It's All in the Details




Getting Ready (Pro Not Retouched


DH's mom and I having a laugh!



My mother was "slapping me upside the head one last time"...and I was telling that it was her LAST time.

Dont let the "putting the veil on" look fool you!!!

I love this picture!  My bo-k was so cute! 

The veil...I made 2 nights before in 15 minutes!



I had to add this pic because my dad looked so freakin awesome...wearing our traditional dress!!!

It all went by sooooo fast.

The happy couple...


The Reception (Pro and Non-Pro mixed in...)





Sweethearts Table...I loved it!!!




Tips and Advice

  • Don't sweat the small stuff.  Things will happen (or go awry if you will) is inevitable.  Just roll with it.
  • Spend as much time with your sweetie as humanly possible before the day, and don't leave his side after you say "I Do"!  Quenton and I took an hour the evening before to hang out and helped up put things in perspective and really bask in the awesome event that God was orchestrating. 
  • Trust is the substance of things hoped for...and the evidence of things not seen!  He worked out things for our benefit.  The 40 phantom potted miniature roses that Home Depot said they received but no one had seen actually saved us money in the long run and opened the door for us to get the chairs I so desperately wanted!  It all works out in the chill.
  • Remember that it is all about the LOVE you share with your significant other.  Its all about the vows and the commitment.  Do not get caught up in all the other crap.  Unless you want to.  Then its okay.  But drama and stress causes wrinkles and dark bags under the eye and thats NOT a good look for photos.
  • Smile all are on camera.
  • Its your day...yes...people will no doubt tell you that you are the queen for the day...the princess for the evening.  Whatever.  Dont act like anyone owes you anything and be a gracious host.  People will talk about you when its all said and done and you want them to say nice things.
  • You cant please everyone.  Do not try.  See 4 for a description of what will happen if you do.
  • Don't expect your vendors to know what they're doing.  Treat them like they don't have a clue...your interpretation of what you said is different from theirs.  I thought my caterer would know that a fruit display even if its a starter should not be served on napkins.  She said I didn't request plates.  Whatever.  Don't trust the professionals with everything.
  • Trust the professionals.  I know what I just said but at the same token...the food was really good and she was on the job.  


Budget Bride Info To Come....