I Have Found the One My Soul Loves...


Q and I were introduced to one another through mutual friends in August 2006.

 He is the most hilarious person on the face of the earth. He is a listening ear and a broad shoulder. He loves and knows God for himself which is my first and main requirement. He is my very best friend in the world.  

We are getting married at our church in Nashville, Tennessee at 11:00 am. We are having a brunch reception...because I just wanted to do something different.


I was not going to do a planning bio but I was inspired by all my fellow April Knotties so I will. Please page me on the April 08 board if you see your pics on my page so I can give credit where credit is most definitely due. I have no idea where I got most of this stuff!!! I want to give you credit though.

April 5, 2008

The color story for our wedding...sage, peach & ivory with gold accents.

Write the vision...

Theme:  Vintage Chic Garden Tea Party



Papier (Thats French for paper fools!)

 Save the Dates...

I got these from www.vistaprint.com for virtually free.  It was 4.99 to upload the image and I got priority shipping.  100 Save the Date postcards and envelopes for under 25.00 was an awesome deal!




I am not a big fan of paper stuff, just because it will be thrown away sooner or later.  I did not want to spend over 150.00 for my invitations, including postage for the 90 that would go out.  I considered DIYing them but my laziness and lack of motivation forced me to seek invites elsewhere.  I found them at www.costco.com...you do not need a card to order them online.  They were 77.00 including shipping and are gorgeous!  So I ended up way under budget on these!  

 These are not ours...I didnt feel like taking our names and crap out (I said I was lazy earlier GOSH)...so its the example.



Our ceremony will be at our church...we chose this venue because it is free; it really helped us budget-wise to not have to come out of pocket for the venue.  I do not want to do too much to the church...I want it to look like a church.  

Green Hydrangea tied to the pews using a wide gold satin ribbon.  The alter will be adorned with two arrangements and since we do not have a flower-girl we will line the isle with peach rose petals and green hydrangea petals.


Our programs will be simple...tied with a gold satin ribbon bow, include our monogram and be printed in sable ink.  The design on the front of the ceremony program will be sage.

Unity Candle

Work in progress...

 Card Box...Err Birdcage

I know everyone does this birdcage cardhold thing but so what...I happen to think its cute.  And I got this birdcage on clearance at Ross for $6.99...it was a great find!



Will also be held at our church...it too is free.  Its a blank canvas Im prepared to work it!

Guest Book Table 

We will be using a photo book from Shutterfly as our guest book.  The guest book table will have two arrangements with tall curly willow and tulips.

Catering - Down South Delights

We are using a wonderful lady name Rita Roland of Down South Delights.  One of the reasons I chose her is because she was able to give me a menu within my budget and do more than the other caterers I spoke with.  She has gone above and beyond.  I told her I wanted to spend 15.00 per person.  I chose brunch because it was cheaper than a dinner. 

Here is some of her work!


*Fruit Display

*Assorted Pastries

* Penne Pasta with Cajun Chicken Cream Sauce

*Praline Baked Ham with yeast rolls, croissants, and French bread 

* Smoked Salmon Display 

* Southwestern Quiche with smoked chicken   

 * Herb Sauteed Potatoes

*Your choice of either brunch style punches or fresh juice display/coffee/tea


Design on menu card will be sage, words printed in sable.  Im still wavering on whether I want to spend any time and effort to do these...we will see.

Table Decor


Several centerpieces will be used...I am trying very hard not to be matchy matchy.  It just isnt me!  My favorite centerpiece consist of teapots filled with hydrangea and teacups & saucers with roses and hydrangea!  Im so excited about creating this.  Thanks to my girl (and fellow knottie) ChariseRaynee for the inspiration!  

I have been shopping.  T.J. Maxx and Ross have been wonderful in my quests to find more teapots and water pitchers.   The ones I have purchased ranged from 3.50 to 10.00 in price.


All About Hydrangea...

These teapots and water pitchers and vases will be filled with Hydrangea and Peach Roses. 



I Love Cake.

No Im serious.  I LLLOOOVVVE CAKE!  Im not a skinny girl as you can see because I have to eat cake.  Period.

My FMIL is a caterer and is making ours...so it is another thing we will not have to pay for! Yay!  I dont care too much what it looks like.  FI has stated he wants a basic bride & groom topper.  


The ever so popular Candy Buffet...we are adding caramel and cheddar popcorn (mixed together is Chicago style...FI is from Chicago). Popcorn will go in Apothecary Jars...

 Yay!!! I have collected all of my candy buffet jars.  Once again I must thank T.J.. Maxx and Ross.  Walmart and Target were also especially helpful.  I wanted to get all of my jars for under 100.00 and I was under that goal.


These are for the popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels...they have tops! 



Gonna Spray paint the tops gold...



Ok enough about the wedding...lets talk about the participants.

The men are wearing 3 button tuxes.  Nothing to get too excited about.

Bridesmaids  dress looks much better on them then this model chick!


All About Me...

Im not a makeup person but I adore this look!

  Im going for an Old Black Hollywood (as in HARLEM) look...so I will be boldly wearing soft waves in my hair!  


   Not like this though...I will have the waves all over or the waves with half up half down & it will be fuller.


The Dress...

Got one...hate it.  Got another one...waiting on it to come.  Im cutting it close.  At this point Im too disgusted by the situation to discuss it...please do not ask. Here is a pic of what it should look similar too.





Dont Look Q!!!!!  Stop you will be sorry if you dont!!!


These are my pretty cute and sessy shoes!!!!  I scoured the EARTH and finally found these at Off Broadway for $40.00!!

Petal Passion

I love flowers and it is the one area I take pleasure in DIYing.  Im also doing fellow TN knottie Eggy's floral arrangements too!  

I like the idea of petite bo-k's for my Bridal Attendants.  They are beautiful (all 4 of them) and I dont want to take away from their natural beauty!




Ok in this cake BIY (Buy it Yourself)

I really really really wanted gold chargers...but they were soooo expensive and would have blown my rental budget away.  After Christmas Bed Bath and Beyond had a clearance sale and I bought them for an awesome price.  Eight in a box for 4.99...Cant beat that.  I will be selling them as soon as the wedding is over! 

FI did not want to be photographed...and wouldnt hold them up properly so I had to show him how it SHOULD be done!


Oh I forgot the Honeymoon!  We will be honeymooning in Japan...mostly Tokyo but will get around to see the sights. 
Stay Tuned!